Rino Goshima and others who are aiming for a representative appointment are enthusiastic before the 10,000-meter track and field Japan Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for the world championship to be held in the United States in July, will be held at the National Stadium on the 7th. Told.

The Japan Championships in Athletics on the 7th will be held only for men and women for 10,000 meters, and the athletes who have broken the standard participation record of the world championships and finished in 3rd place will be nominated as representatives.

Four women have already broken the standard participation record, of which Rino Goshima, a 24-year-old who has a good record of 31 minutes and 10 seconds, and Narumi Kobayashi, a university student, will be the venue for the national stadium on the 7th. I responded to the interview.

Goshima said that he has a strong tendency to carry out races, and he said, "I wish I could have a race that would make the most of my strengths. I want to run for the championship because I will run."

Kobayashi also said, "Tomorrow is mainly about fighting for rankings, so I want to be able to win compared to patience."

In addition to these two girls, the race will be centered around Ririka Hironaka, who won the 7th place in this event of the Tokyo Olympics, and Seira Fuwa, a college student who holds the record of 2nd place in history in this event. It is a prospect.

On the other hand, for boys, Ren Tazawa, a university student who holds the second highest record in Japan, is the only male player to break the standard record for participation in the world championships, and if he is in the third place, he will be nominated as a representative.