Real Madrid completed the third or more "remontada" in the Champions League this season, and the most 3 of the top Europeans (Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City), and qualified to face Liverpool in the final of the continental races.

However, Argentine Sergio Aguero, the former striker for Man City and Barcelona, ​​was participating in the commentary on the epic match with his compatriot Carlos Tevez, and the two former stars were analyzing the match and discussing the historic victory of the Royal at the Bernabeu.

During the discussion, Aguero read a message from the star Lionel Messi, in which he said, "Don't mess with me, you idiot, it's impossible to happen," referring to the mythical return of the royal in the match.

In turn, Tevez, the former City striker, also commented, "This is crazy, they cannot win another match in the same way."

During the discussion, Aguero recorded an audio message to Messi, in which he said, "I am watching the match and I am really shocked, and I can't believe what is happening."

Leo Messi telling Aguero "can't believe it".

Aguero looks ruined 😂 bro you grew up a Liverpool fan

— Moby (@Mobyhaque1) May 4, 2022

Aguero's reaction to #Rodrygo's brace#RealMadridManchesterCity#RealMadrid

— MEGA Sport (@MEGASport_EA) May 5, 2022

Letting Aguero down seems like an annual thing now.

— Trey (@MCFC_Trey) May 5, 2022