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In the middle of the afternoon for the history of Real Madrid and the European Cup, the most repeated word from Calle Serrano to Plaza de los Sagrados Corazones was "busiana".

These are the seven letters that summarize this 2021-2022 Champions League that will remain in the memory of the Chamartín neighborhood due to the shouts, the smoke and the thousands of people who have received the white team's bus in the three events that have marked the tournament this season .

The day of PSG, the day of Chelsea and the day of Manchester City, yesterday, when any estimation was broken and the Madrid fans did not leave a single free space on the asphalt that connects the Castellana with Concha Espina and the Paseo de la Habana .

All for the hattrick of his club, immersed in a trip to glory that he had in Guardiola's team to his penultimate stone on the road.

"Another magical night of the Kings of Europe", prayed the tifo with which the Bernabéu received the semifinalists, Anthem of the Tenth acapella through.

They were not wrong.

The "And nothing else" perfectly reflects Madrid history, inexplicable at times, and contagious to anyone.

There was


, electric, asking the fans for encouragement while the stadium chanted "How can I not love you", the ideal song to commemorate the last continental match at the Bernabéu of the group made up of

Benzema, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, Bale, Carvajal , Isco, Asensio, Lucas and Casemiro


Some will continue to lead the dressing room, others will leave Valdebebas as legends and a couple will leave through an unexpected back door a few years ago.

Together, yes, they have raised three Champions and are on their way to the fourth.

With those who left and those who are, there are already five finals in eight years.

A nonsense.

That hunger to win that maintains the backbone has also spread to the young blood of the squad, eager to play metal beyond the League.

A good example was Vinicius, tireless during the 90 minutes.

His were the best moments of Madrid, overwhelming a physically diminished Walker.

But if anyone can be called the heir to the Madrid faith, it is



His was 1-3 against Chelsea and his was one of the most indescribable episodes in football history.

It's that simple.

So forceful.




We're going to Paris!"

The 0-0 scoreline found Benzema and Casemiro laughing, as if knowing what was to come, and served the coaching staff, who wanted to make the game long to die killing towards the end.

As the minutes went by, City's fatigue led to several mistakes that gave confidence to a Madrid launched by



The youngsters raised their pace a couple of gears and the game entered into that mystical spiral that Chamartín wanted.

Rodrygo entered in the 68th minute and it was the bugle call that the Bernabéu requested.

An ancient magic that knows no limits.



's goal that left the city frozen, Ancelotti bet everything on








, trusting in the heart of his stadium and the hunger of his children.

And the world as we know it collapsed.

With Madrid dead on the edge of another final,


saved Grealish 0-2 on the line and Rodrygo tied the duel in the 90th minute. Carletto, aware of the situation, only had to shout like one more hooligan and wave his arms from top to bottom encouraging the stands.

The rest is history.

Rodrygo's 2-1, the first double in a discount of the Champions League qualifiers, an impossible header over two meters by

Rubén Dias

, caused delirium and a surreal extra time.

One more.

"This is Madrid," Chamartín shouted, putting words to something that doesn't have them.

The penalty scored by Benzema after a colossal start from Camavinga and a back pass from Rodrygo was simply the continuation of a perfect love story.

One that ended with Asensio on nine and Jesús Vallejo on central.

The greatest love story that the world of football has ever known.

«We are the Kings of Europe», Chamartín sang to his heroes, who gave a lap of honor on the way to another final: «Yes!



We're going to Paris!"

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