The dazzling performance of Son Heung-min is raising expectations for the Qatar World Cup.

Park Ji-sung, the 'eternal captain' of Korean football, sent a message of support through a video interview with SBS. 

This is Correspondent Ha Seong-ryong. 


Park Ji-sung, who wrote the story of success by entering the Premier League for the first time in 2005, was deeply moved by seeing his junior Son Heung-min, who has grown into the best player in the Premier League and is aiming to become the top scorer. 

[Park Ji-Sung/Park Ji-Sung Foundation Chairman: I am very proud of how great achievements are being shown as a senior.] 

'Eternal Captain' who left a heavy footprint in the 2002 World Cup semifinals and three World Cups including Shinhwa Ji-Sung Park said that Bentuho's 'captain' Heung-Min Son is looking forward to the Qatar World Cup, 

[Park Ji-Sung/Park Ji-Sung Foundation Chairman: Having a player who can solve one shot can bring a lot of stability or confidence to the team, ( In

Qatar World Cup), I think you can expect something extraordinary.] 

Heung-min Son praised him as being one step ahead of himself in both skill and leadership. 

[Park Ji-Sung/Park Ji-Sung Foundation Chairman: The ability to lead the team with positive energy and the performance are absolutely impeccable, and I think that he is a great captain.] 

Heung-Min Son, who is scoring the most goals for a Korean player in the World Cup with him, is from Qatar. I will write a new history, 

[Park Ji-Sung/Park Ji-Sung Foundation Chairman: I hope that not only one goal, but records that will never be broken again in the future are made at this World Cup.] 

I hoped that the tears of sorrow shed in the last two World Cups would become tears of joy this time. 

[Park Ji-Sung/Park Ji-Sung Foundation Chairman: (Heung-Min) will shed tears in any way, but I have a thought that it would be nice to see the tears shed after the outcome we expected.] 

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-joo, video editing: male Work, CG: Kim Jong-un)