On May 4, 1919, the "May 4th Movement" broke out, a scene where young people, adhering to the spirit of "patriotism, progress, democracy, and science", stepped forward when the country and the nation faced life and death.

  The river of time is constantly flowing, and each generation of young people has their own opportunities and opportunities, and they must plan their lives and create history under the conditions of their own times.

Now, May 4th every year has become a festival for Chinese youth.

  On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day, six sports celebrities sent their blessings through Chinanews.com and talked about what contemporary Chinese youth should look like in their eyes.

Wang Shanshan

Chinese women's football captain

"Contemporary Chinese youth are just like you and me,

Look at everything with confidence and without being humble.

Work hard, stay awake, and break out of your comfort zone to meet challenges.

Love to get what's really exciting for us.

Never give up until the last moment.

There is no need for everyone to agree with you,

No matter how noisy the outside world is, just stick to being yourself.


Du Feng

Head Coach of China Men's Basketball Team and Guangdong Hongyuan Men's Basketball Team

"The youth group is full of vigor,

Always full of fighting spirit and hard work spirit.

The energy they radiate also inspires many people around them,

Young people should have the fighting spirit of daring to fight, daring to fight and fearless of difficulties,

No matter how rough and bumpy the road ahead is, don't give up.

Raise your head to look up at the starry sky, lower your head and keep your feet on the ground,

This is also what the times demand of young people.

On this May Fourth Youth Day,

I also hope that the younger generation can continue to carry forward the fearless spirit of daring to show their swords,

Open the door to success with youth and sweat.


Li Xiaoxia

Table Tennis Olympic Champion

"As a member of the national table tennis team,

In my opinion, contemporary young people should have the spirit of courageous mission, unity and struggle,

Have the character of bravely setting the trend and striving hard,

Don't be afraid of difficulties, practice your skills hard, and dare to be the first,

Firm ideals and beliefs, and cultivate patriotism.

I am honored to have been a member of the National Table Tennis,

Represented the motherland in the competition and won the Olympic gold medal.

In this process, you will encounter all kinds of unimaginable hurdles,

You need to face it bravely, find a way to overcome it.

Not only me, everyone from the coaches to the players of Guoping will face many difficulties.

But in order to achieve the final goal, everyone chose to grit their teeth and persevere.

The struggle of youth is the most beautiful,

Come on, young man!


Wu Dajing

Short track speed skating Winter Olympic champion

"As young people,

I think we should have,

To face difficulties, dare to charge, dare to sacrifice,

The spirit of pursuing your dreams.

I also hope that young friends,

we work together,

Send more positive energy to this society!


Wu Lei

National football striker, La Liga Espanyol player

"As a member who is currently working and living overseas,

I hope that all young people must put the motherland in their hearts.

When I compete in various parts of Europe, I often encounter Chinese audiences shouting cheers at me,

When I was at a low point, there were also fans who gave me a lot of encouragement,

The support from the motherland has given me great spiritual strength,

Motivated me to challenge the records of Chinese players overseas.

I hope Chinese young people can grow up with me,

Let the world understand China with magnanimity and confidence.

The strength of the motherland requires the dedication of young people from all walks of life.

More Chinese young people are needed to make breakthroughs in their own fields.

I do!

Cheers to the motherland!


Hui Ruoqi

Women's Volleyball Olympic Champion

"My past volleyball career taught me,

Contemporary young people should have,

The tenacious character of tenacious struggle and never giving up,

There must be a spirit of teamwork.

I hope we can continue to surpass ourselves together,

Contribute youth to the motherland.