The death of Italian Mino Raiola, one of the most famous players' agents in the world, at the age of 54, left a large empire of money and star players who ran their businesses.

Raiola's agency represents a number of the biggest stars in the world of football, led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Mario Balotelli.

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Now that Raiola is gone, the questions vary: Who will stay with the agency?

Will the players stay with her after her owner dies?

Or will they change their agent?

According to Forbes, Raiola has a fortune of about $85 million, and he is among the 5 most powerful sports agents in the world and earns his money through commissions from transfer negotiations.

During his career, he negotiated over $848 million in player contracts.

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Agency Team

Raiola agency is built on a simple foundation, run by a few people, and they are all very reliable.

The main person in the negotiations with the teams and players was Rafael Pimenta, Raiola's lawyer and partner for 20 years.

In addition to people who were working on a daily basis in keeping track of players, hiring them and providing services, there was Vincenzo Raiola (Mino's cousin) and Jose Fortes who lives in Amsterdam and was a key member of the organization in terms of player signings.

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future players

According to those close to Raiola, the family will continue to run, so the agency will continue to carry out its work in managing the business of the players responsible for them.

Two of them are key to the agency, Ibrahimovic and Pogba, willing to remain in the structure.

Raiola's relationship with these two players was very personal.

As for the others, including Haaland, we will have to wait for what happens in the future, although - in principle - they will remain, at least for the time being.