“UEFA made its decisions referring to the unsafety of playing matches with our teams, and according to this logic, we will resume our activities for the next season after the end of the special military operation.

At least in words it is.

This is bad news for our football, and personally I would seriously consider the prospect of moving to the Asian Confederation, ”Match TV quotes Gerkus.

In his opinion, this will preserve the international calendar, bring the national team and clubs out of isolation, and also give the players the necessary game practice.

On May 2, UEFA excluded the Russian team from the upcoming Nations League, and also decided not to allow Russian clubs to participate in European competition next season.

In addition, the youth team has been banned from participating in Euro 2023 among players under 21 years old, and the women's national team will not be able to play in the final part of the European championship in 2022 and in the qualification of the 2023 World Cup.

Among other things, UEFA rejected Russia's bids to host the 2028 and 2032 European Championships.

Earlier, the lawyer suggested that he was waiting for Russian football after the introduction of new sanctions by UEFA.