Before the World Championships in Artistic Swimming will be held next month, Japanese national team players will openly participate in the Japan Championships, and Yukiko Inui will score a high score in her solo free routine.

The Japanese national team for artistic swimming is preparing to compete in the World Championships in Hungary next month, and will open at the Japan Championships at the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center in Koto-ku, Tokyo from May 1st. I am joining.

Of the competitions held on the 2nd, Inui, a representative of the Tokyo Olympics who is currently devoting himself to solo, participated in the solo free routine.

Inui showed a slow and fast body judgment and marked a high score of 94.1667.

After the performance, Inui said, "I think 94 points is the highest ever for me, so that's good. I just sank overall and didn't reach the performance I had imagined. What can I do by the world championship? I would like to reorganize it and upgrade it again. "

In addition, a technical routine was held for the duet, and Megumu Yoshida, the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, and Moe Higa, a third-year junior high school student who was selected in anticipation of the Paris Olympics, participated.

The performance with the theme of a female swordfighter was expressed by the two people with speedy footwork, and the score was 90.8857.

Yoshida said, "I've found a challenge that I'm aiming for, and I want to practice to improve it."

Higa was enthusiastic, saying, "I got sick in the second half. I want to fix the problem this time by the world championship. I want to show the world that even junior high school students can do it."

Japan National Team Head Coach Nakajima “I was able to put out the duet best”

Head coach Takako Nakajima of the Japanese national team commented on the duet's performance, "I was able to make the best of them. I made some small mistakes, but I was able to do what I can do now."

For the world championships, she points out, "There are still a lot of things that aren't enough to reach the top of the world. Over the next month, if you don't raise the height, you won't be able to win a medal." Was there.

She also said that she said about Higa, who was selected for the duet, she said, "It will be a very important first match to let you know that such a player is in Japan, so I want to make a debut match that can be anything." Was there.

Solo Coach Imura “Expectations for Inui's Growth”

Coach Masayo Imura, who coaches the solo, said about Inui's performance, "I've become able to swim through difficult programs. I just thought it wasn't enough."

Then, for the world championship, he said, "I have only a little time left, but I'm still thinking about which hand to squeeze." I enjoy enduring the practice, "he said, hoping for further growth.