Chinanews client, Beijing, April 27. According to the WTT World Table Tennis Federation, the Asian Table Tennis Federation Executive Committee meeting was held on the afternoon of March 29 and 30, Beijing time. Xu Xin served as the first vice-chairman of the Asian Table Tennis Federation. Attend.

Xu Xin knew very well that this role gave him not only trust, but also responsibility.

Summarized in his own words: promote table tennis, strive for fairness and more right to speak for the national table tennis players.

Data map; Xu Xin

  It is reported that since he was elected as the vice chairman of the Asian Table Tennis Federation in October last year, Xu Xin has begun to familiarize himself with and gradually participate in the relevant affairs of the Asian Table Tennis Federation after intense training and competitions.

The topics of this executive committee meeting covered a wide range and complex details, which was very challenging for Xu Xin.

As a top athlete, Xu Xin is always willing to accept challenges and complete tasks well.

  During the two-day meeting, in addition to a brief introduction to the continental agreement signed by the Asian Table Tennis Federation with the ITTF, it also updated and arranged events after 2022, the adjustment of the world ranking system, and major events in the Important topics such as China's preparations, international exchanges, cooperation and promotion were explained and discussed.

  After the meeting, Xu Xin, who participated in the whole process, said that she has gained a lot. "This meeting has a compact agenda, a wide range of topics and a large amount of information, which has greatly helped me to quickly integrate into the Asian Table Tennis Federation." Xu Xin knew very well, This role gave him not only trust, but also a responsibility, summed up in his own words: to promote table tennis, to strive for fairness and more right to speak for the national table tennis players.

Data map: On September 24, 2021, the mixed doubles final of the 14th National Games table tennis event was held in Yan'an. The Olympic team Xu Xin (right) and Liu Shiwen (left) defeated Heilongjiang team Cao Weihe 4:2 Wang Manyu won the championship.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

  In recent years, with the constant changes of identities and roles, an important problem faced by Xu Xin is: how to balance the proportion of different roles in life.

  As an active national player, the athlete is his primary role.

In the first WTT Singapore Grand Slam held in March this year, Xu Xin played in the men's singles.

On the field, his style of play is sharp. In his own words: "I still have the energy to win on the field."

  In the 1/8 final, Xu Xin lost to Francesca of Germany.

"No matter what kind of player I face, I can actively mobilize myself on the court. Maybe I couldn't mobilize in the first two rounds of the previous game, but now I will cherish every opportunity to play."

  Outside the arena, Xu Xin's other important role is that of a father.

Due to his long-term expedition, Xu Xin cannot accompany his family and children for a long time.

As the child grows up, the role of "father" becomes more and more important, and Xu Xin also plans to make some plans for herself that are different from before, "how to train, how to participate in competitions, and how to start a career in my family. To some effect," Xu Xin said, "I need to measure the proportion of these things."

  Xu Xin is balancing the three roles of athletes, senior officials of the Asian Table Tennis Federation and father in his own way.

Different roles endow Xu Xin with a more three-dimensional life on and off the field. He is embracing his multi-faceted life with his own enthusiasm and in his own way.