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It's the final fight in Ligue 1. With only four games left to play, the tension is enormous at the top (except for PSG) and at the bottom of the standings.

Tied on points with Monaco (which receives Angers

on Sunday), Stade Rennais does not have much choice

before hosting Saint-Etienne this Saturday if it wants to stay on the podium, with a view of the next C1.

Opposite, ASSE does not have the same concerns, but experiences

the same urgency


Since the arrival of Pascal Dupraz in December, the Greens have risen to 18th place, that of roadblocker.

They are now aiming for the folding seat above, occupied by Clermont, while keeping an eye on Bordeaux in the retro.

“Because there is bound to be a show between a fire attack and a flannel defense, we meet at 8:30 p.m.

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