Yu Darvish, a major league baseball pitcher, started the game against the Pirates on the 29th and scored his second win of the season with three goals in six innings.

On the 29th, Darvish started the Pirates game in Pittsburgh, the home of his opponent, and was hit in a timely manner with a walk and a hit runner in the first inning, and suddenly lost two points.

However, after the second inning, he threw up to six innings with a skillful pitching of a fastball over 150km with a cut-ball and a slider, and managed to concede three goals.

The Padres then widened their lead to a 7-3 win and four straight wins, while Darvish scored his second win of the season with eight hits, one walk and five strikeouts.

Pirates Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who missed the starting lineup for two games in a row, did not participate in this game.