18-year-old female table tennis player Shin Yu-bin returned to training after 4 months of injury.

She vowed to leap higher, saying that her love for ping-pong grew bigger. 

Byung-min Yoo. 


Shin Yu-bin, who was entering her training ground, is not sure what to do with the attention of her reporters. 

[Shin Yu-bin/Korean Air: Fish oil, I'm ashamed of what I do..] Shin Yu- 

bin, who grabbed her racket after 4 months, announced her return with a powerful smashing. 

Shin Yu-bin put down her wrist fatigue fracture racquet while carrying out her streak last year. 

During her repeated treatment and rehabilitation, her penchant for table tennis grew. 

[Shin Yu-bin/Korean Air: I couldn't do what I liked the most, so it was very difficult mentally, but I think I felt once again that I love table tennis.] I 

had to give up the Hangzhou Asian Games due to an injury, and in the meantime, Kim Na-young, a junior for a year Although he rose to prominence by being selected for this national team, Shin Yu-bin is drawing the future with a positive mind. 

[Shin Yubin/Korean Air: (I am not the youngest now.) I am still 19 years old, so I don't eat a lot.

There are a lot of good players, so I feel better too.

I hope that Korean table tennis will shine together.] 

Shin Yubin is not in a hurry and plans to draw a big picture for the Paris Olympics by raising her sense of competition through the Korean professional table tennis league, which was launched for the first time this year. 

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: So Ji-hye, screen provided: Pixelscope)