Almost 20 years ago, Stefan Holm, Kajsa Bergqvist, Carolina Klüft and Christian Olsson landed in gold, gold, gold and gold.

While the competitors looked enviously at how little Sweden could become a giant at the athletics stadium.

Now we have the next generation where several blue-yellow athletes are blooming at the same time.

The season's World Cup is approaching, and the national athletics team is preparing here in an over 20-degree warm Montenegro.

And Sweden is fronted by Sweden by the World Cup silver medalist in long jump, Thobias Montler, the world record holder and Olympic champion in pole vault Armand Duplantis, the Olympic silver medalist Simon Pettersson and the reigning world and Olympic champion Daniel Ståhl.

- It feels like it has been a bit down after the parade they had in 2004. But since Daniel (Ståhl) and everyone has come up, it feels like it is a new wave.

It is extremely fun, the hope is that it will be a refill, says Simon Pettersson to SVT Sport.

- I think there is a wonderful team.

We have some who are already established in the world elite, and have already won the Olympics.

But they have several years left in their careers, says national team captain Kajsa Bergqvist.

"It says the most"

In addition, Sweden has pole vaulter Michaela Meijer, Khaddi Sagnia in length and Fanny Roos in shot put where everyone sniffs at the big championship medals.

- If you are going to look at how Swedish athletics feels at the elite level, then it is often that you just look at the medals.

But what says most is how many we have among the top eight or top twelve, says Bergqvist.

The World Athletics Championships will be held between July 15 and 24 in Eugene, Oregon.