The decline of the CBA is more than the viewing of the finals

  "The team will not give up. We will go all out and give young players a chance." When the finals were already 0:3 behind, Wang Bo, the coach of Guangsha Men's Basketball Team, made such a statement after the game, which made everyone We all know how the 2021-2022 CBA league will end.

  As the best coach in the regular season, the team lost Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao two absolute main players in the semifinals, which made Wang Bo stretched out in the formation of troops, which also directly led to the thoroughness of the finals. Unbalanced - no advantage in the matchup, serious lack of rotation, and foreign aid.

In the 3 games that have been played, the Guangsha men's basketball team has only scored 75 points, 90 points and 73 points respectively.

  "Is this the worst finals in the history of the CBA?" Some fans asked such questions on social media after the game.

  In the 27-year history of CBA, there have been 9 sweeps in the finals. Since the 2005-2006 season implemented the best-of-7-game system, four seasons have ended with 4:0.

In the first two seasons under the epidemic, the Guangdong men's basketball team won the championship with a score of 2:1, and this season is likely to be the first finals to end with a sweep under the epidemic.

  "The overall strength of the Liaoning team is too strong. It can't defend against Guo Ailun, but it can't defend against Zhao Jiwei, Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Zhenlin, Fogg, and Morand, but Guangsha has only one Sun Minghui. To be honest, the Liaoning team won the championship. In fact, there is no suspense anymore." Jiao Jian, a former Chinese national basketball player, told the China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily reporter.

  If Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao were not injured, the finals would definitely not be a one-sided situation, but the reality is that due to injuries, the strength of the Guangsha men's basketball team and the Liaoning men's basketball team are not at the same level. The viewing of the finals has dropped significantly, and this is a situation that everyone does not want to see.

  In fact, before the start of the playoffs, fans' expectations for the playoffs are still very high.

After all, the final ranking of the regular season also showed a situation of competition for hegemony - the Liaoning men's basketball team ranked first, with a record of 32 wins and 6 losses, and the Guangsha men's basketball team behind it was only one game away, and ranked third and third The fourth Shanghai men's basketball team and the Zhejiang men's basketball team have a record of 28 wins and 10 losses, while the Guangdong men's basketball team and the Shenzhen men's basketball team, which are ranked fifth and sixth, have not lost two more games.

  CBA also followed the trend, changed the playoff system for the two seasons under the epidemic, and decisively increased the number of games in the playoffs. It is hoped that through the exciting and intense playoffs, the league’s attention will be further restored due to the competition. The trend of decreasing degree, influence and commercial value.

  But it backfired. Among the 10 series that have been played, only the playoffs between Guangzhou and Shanxi ended 2:1, and the other 9 series, such as Guangdong VS Liaoning, Guangsha VS Shanghai, although The content of the game is not bad, but the results still all end in a sweep.

  There is a high probability that the finals will also end 4-0.

There is no suspense, no hot spots, and no topics. How this will affect the entire CBA league is still unknown, but the danger signal has already been lit.

  Recently, Guangzhou and Tongxi clubs announced their 2021 financial reports, and the two clubs lost 16.05 million and 24.32 million yuan respectively.

Among them, the main reason for Guangzhou's loss is that, due to the adoption of the competition system by CBA and the reduction in the number of venue operations due to the epidemic, advertising revenue and ticket revenue decreased by 65.82% and 100% year-on-year, coupled with the shrinking of league dividends, the club was operating beyond its means.

  In fact, the current CBA league has fallen into a rather awkward cycle: under the epidemic, the tournament system has caused 20 clubs to face huge operational difficulties. Moreover, due to the scattered game time, the league’s attention and influence will definitely be reduced. Affected, and the decline in attention and influence will inevitably lead to a decline in the commercial value of the league.

In fact, some media have exposed the situation of sponsors adjusting the amount of sponsorship before, and the reduction of investment by sponsors will inevitably reduce the redness of each club and further increase the loss.

  2021-2022 is the third season after the CBA league adopts the tournament system, and it may also reach a critical point in the development of professional basketball in China, whether it is the league itself, including the regular season, playoffs, finals, or sponsors. The recognition and patience of the CBA league, as well as the fans' sense of belonging to the team and the league, all need to be improved, but the biggest pain point may still not be changed in the future - the Chinese Super League will still adopt the game system for the new season, and the next There is a high probability that the CBA league of the season will not resume home and away games.

  This newspaper, Beijing, April 25th

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Yang Fen Source: China Youth Daily