The Olympic gold medalist from Rio 2016, Jenny Rissveds, has made an impressive start to the season - on the road.

She signed up for the Swe Cup premiere at Kinnekulle last weekend - and won the women's class after a strong forcing with barely a kilometer left.

After that victory, it is also clear that she is selected in the national team that runs the Gracia Orlová tour in the Czech Republic.

- Mouintainbike is still number one for Jenny, but she is curious about testing the country road and contacted us about trying to run a stage race, as she did as a junior before, says national team captain Lucas Persson to SVT Sport.

Lucas Persson believes that Rissveds has great opportunities to succeed directly in the blue and yellow senior debut.

- I think it can suit her very well, the stage race in the Czech Republic is very hilly and I will not be surprised if she is in the top right away, says Lucas Persson.

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