A plate with the names of the athletes and teams who won the medals at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was set up at the national stadium, which was the main stadium. It would be great if it could be a place to pass on the tournament. "

The plate, "Tribute to Champions," has been installed at the venue since the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam and bears the names of the athletes and teams that have won medals in all Olympic and Paralympic events.

At the National Stadium, which became the main stadium of the Tokyo Games held last year, about 950 plates were installed on the outer wall for each event from the end of last month, and on the 25th, Chairman Hashimoto of the Games Organizing Committee visited the site. I inspected.

After receiving explanations and looking around the plate, Chairman Hashimoto also inspected the torch stand used at the opening ceremony set up on the premises this month.

After the inspection, Chairman Hashimoto said, "It would be great if the National Stadium could be a place to hand down the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. I was talking.