Han Dong-hee, called the second Dae-ho Lee, is showing his potential this season.

He leads Lotte's blast by leading various batting divisions such as home runs and batting average.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Han Dong-hee, who joined Lotte after graduating from Gyeongnam High School in 2017, said that she would go down the path of high school senior Lee Dae-ho.

[Han Dong-hee/Lotte 1st appointment (last year 2017): I want to become a baseball player who works hard and is good at baseball like senior Lee Dae-ho.]

Han Dong-hee, who struggled with poor accuracy while hitting 40 home runs for the past 4 years, finally showed her potential this season. exploded.

He has the innate ability to pass the outfield crowd as well as the accuracy of hitting 12 games in a row, and is showing a completely different look, leading the home runs, batting average, slugging percentage and most hits.

The secret is active hitting.

He bet fast without thinking, and his confidence and accuracy improved.

Compared to his last season, his pitches per at bat have dropped by 0.4, and his strikeout odds have also halved.

[Han Dong-hee/Lotte: I just tried to play more boldly, so naturally (the point where the ball hits) seems to come forward.

He seems to have focused a lot on hitting more accurately...


Han Dong-hee, who stimulates even Lee Dae-ho of 'Idol'

[Lee Dae-ho / Lotte / Gyeongnam High School 17 years senior: Because Han Dong-hee is doing so well.

I can't lag a bit more than Donghee Han (?).]

Now, I'm growing out of the egg and becoming a major hitter for Lotte.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, video courtesy of Lotte Giants, CG: Seo Seung-hyun · Eom So-min)