Data map: After Messi attended the Paris Saint-Germain press conference for the first time, he met fans who supported him on the streets of Paris. The atmosphere was as warm as a festival.

  With Messi's kick in the world, in the 67th minute of the game, Paris Saint-Germain finally led Lens by a goal at home.

  However, they were unable to maintain the lead until the end.

A few minutes before the end of the game, Lens, who had ten players on the field, equalized the score, and the two teams drew 1-1 in the end.

  In the Ligue 1 game that ended in the early morning of the 24th, Beijing time, Paris Paris’ performance was like a microcosm of the entire season-somewhat bad, but not too bad.

After all, they locked the Ligue 1 title 4 rounds ahead of schedule with this draw.

  To a certain extent, this is also the epitome of the year Messi left Barcelona.

Data map: After Messi attended the Paris Saint-Germain press conference for the first time, he met fans who supported him on the streets of Paris. The atmosphere was as warm as a festival.

The picture shows fans gathered on the streets of Paris.

  Compared with the Ligue 1, Paris, which has built a lot of money, values ​​the Champions League more, as everyone knows.

However, this season, PSG's exit in the Champions League is not decent, and this result is very disappointing to the club's executives and fans.

  After scoring in this game, Messi received applause and cheers from the home fans.

But just a month ago, when PSG had their first home game after being eliminated from the Champions League by Real Madrid, the background sound of the name "Messi" broadcast by the live DJ was boos from the home fans.

  In that game, Messi's wife Antonella was in tears on the sidelines.

A few months ago, when she accompanied Messi to Paris, she probably did not expect such a scene.

On the plane to Paris, Messi took a selfie with his wife.

  Some people say that the goal against Lens is a reconciliation between Messi and the fans of the home team; some people say that Messi does not owe them anything... Of course, these are the views of outsiders.

The first season away from Barcelona and Paris, the taste of which only Messi knows.

  Although Messi has suffered a cliff-like decline in the number of goals scored this season, if he edits his highlights in the past year at this time, those wonderful assists, goals and extraordinary achievements can still hold up enough time.

Among them, there may be a "new image" belonging to Messi.

  In the Champions League group stage Paris home game against Manchester City, when defending a free kick, Messi fell behind the wall to prevent the opponent from hitting the ground.

As a veteran and the biggest star in this team, Messi, who has stepped out of his comfort zone, is helping and integrating into the team in new ways.

Data map: In the second round of Group A of the Champions League group stage, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Manchester City 2-0 at home, ushering in the first win of the Champions League of the season.

  Going back to last summer, Messi, who had just won the Copa America, was in high spirits, but he was told by Barcelona that he could not renew his contract.

He bid farewell to Barcelona with tears, a team he knew every detail by heart.

  Getting out of your comfort zone doesn't feel good.

A new team, a new teammate, a new game philosophy, and some of Messi's struggling performances all stem from this.

His name no longer dominates the stats list, but at certain moments, such as when he plays the world wave that helped the team take the lead, you will find that Messi is still Messi.

  Up to now, Messi has scored 4 Ligue 1 goals this season, which is not a good number in his entire career.

But at the same time, after winning the Ligue 1 title with Paris, the number of championships in Messi's career has reached 39.

With 39 championships, he has proven himself in countless matches.

The picture shows Messi holding his seventh Ballon d'Or trophy.

  It has not been a completely successful season for Messi.

However, the predicament he encountered in Paris was far from his greatest difficulty.

The little man who was born in the Pampas, his career, even his entire life, has been accompanied by difficulties, and he has won time and time again.

  A person who once stood on the top of a mountain will remember the scenery at the top of the mountain even if one day he has to re-climb from the middle of the mountain.

Messi doesn't need to prove anything, but his fans are still looking forward to his answer.

(Author Wang Hao)