Diego Maradona Junior, the son of the late Argentine football legend, confirms that there is no comparison between his father and any player, as there was no player at all like his father, and he will not be, not even Lionel Messi.

"I have a lot of appreciation for him (in reference to Messi), I think he is the best of his time, not the best at all," he said in a radio interview.

"I think no one will reach my father," he continued.

This does not mean that young Diego is not a fan of Messi, and he spoke positively about the achievements of the "Bulga", who has been frequently compared to Maradona, especially in their home country.

He continued, "I was very happy when Messi managed to win the Copa America with the national team, as he succeeded in silencing a lot of people."

"We are lucky, because we had Messi, and for many years we did not know how to enjoy him," he explained.

He added, "My old man (Maradona) is above anyone else... Messi is the best in human history, and my father was not a football player."

Diego Junior was born in Naples in 1986 from a relationship between Maradona, who was a player in Naples at the time, and Christiana Sinagra.

El Pep de Oro did not want to acknowledge Diego's paternity, so the child initially took his mother's surname.

In 1993 the court confirmed paternity, although the first meeting between the two took place in 2003.

It took Maradona a few more years to acknowledge his son, which eventually happened in 2007 when he accepted that he was the father of Diego Jr.