Seiya Suzuki of the Major League Baseball Cubs started in the Pirates game and decided to steal three hits in one game for the first time after transferring to the Major League Baseball.

On the 23rd, Suzuki's Cubs played against the Pirates to which Yoshitomo Tsutsugo belongs in his hometown of Chicago.

Suzuki started in the 2nd right and pulled a ball higher in the in-course at the first at bat and carried it in front of the left to hit two games in a row.

After that, the batting line was connected, and Suzuki stepped on the first home.

In the 2nd inning, he stood in the 2nd at bat with a chance of 1st base and 3rd base, and the third ball after being driven in, caught the ball on the out course with the tip of the bat and struck it to the right light, and hit it in a timely manner. I gave an additional point in.

In addition, Suzuki decided to steal the first base in the major leagues to the second base and expanded the chance, and the Cubs also got a hit line with 12 batters and scored 8 points at once.

In the 3rd at bat of the 3rd inning, although he fell to the third at bat, he had an 11-point lead in the 5th inning. The hit made another chance.

In the scene where the batting line was connected starting from Suzuki's hit and led a big 16-0, Suzuki was sent a pinch hitter this time around the second at bat.

After transferring to the major leagues, Suzuki's batting average went up to 30%, 7 minutes and 2 RBIs with 3 hits in 1 game for his first time, 3 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at bats, and 1 stolen base.

The Cubs won 21-0 with additional points even after Suzuki went down to the bench.

On the other hand, Pirates' Tsutsugo made a full appearance in the 4th and 1st at bat, the 1st at bat in the 2nd inning was the second grounder, the 2nd at bat in the 4th inning was the third liner in the scene of two out second base, and the 3rd at bat in the 7th inning was the center liner. This game was a no-hitter with 3 at bats.