In connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Axel Björnström chose to leave Arsenal Tula for AIK.

The defender thrives in his new life and on Sunday a highlight awaits: the Stockholm derby against Djurgården.

- It is something I have been looking forward to very much.

It will be incredibly powerful and big.

It's really fun, he says to SVT Sport.

"Growing up with rivalry"

Björnström explains that this match, for various reasons, will be extra special.

- I grew up with my lot falling on AIK and I am very happy about that.

I have always been at AIK since childhood and grew up with this rivalry.

Then they are incredibly talented.

I was born a rodent.

Then it also means that you may not like Djurgården either and want to beat them extra much.  

- It is incredibly fun and nice to be able to influence the pitch as well.

Then you know how it is on the other side and how much it means to people (supporters) at work and all around with the poles and in everyday life.

"Very wild ..."

To beat Djurgården, AIK must focus on their own game, the defender says.

- Then it is the case that derby matches have a special character.

Djurgården is an incredibly good team and we need to reach our highest level.

What would it have meant to score a goal?

- Very much.

It is difficult to know exactly how to react now.

They had been happy.

I think it would have been difficult to control myself.

Very wild.

But you also have to be sensible so that you do not do like Nico (Stefanelli) last year that you tear off your shirt and are warned.

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Axel Björnström and Victor Edvardsen tagged before the derby