Daiki Hashimoto, who won two gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics and is aiming to win the tournament in a row, made the final adjustments before the all-around gymnastics all-Japan championship started on the 21st. I confirmed.

The men of the All Japan Championship, which are contested in the individual overall, will also be held as a representative selection meeting such as the World Championship in October, both of which are Hashimoto who won two gold medals at the Tokyo tournament and silver medals in the group. Kazuma Kaya, who is aiming to win the championship for the first time in two years, and Takeru Kitazono, who is 19 years old and has a high overall strength, will participate in the fifth event in the group.

On the 20th, official practice was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, before the men's qualifying on the 22nd.

Of these, Hashimoto took the time to make adjustments in all six events.

The horizontal bar, which won the gold medal at the Tokyo tournament, is planning to incorporate a new F-difficulty big skill "Ryukin", and even in the practice on the 20th, he showed a difficult hand-off technique and showed his good condition.

In addition, Kitazono looked relaxed and checked each technique and movement with a horizontal bar and a ring, and carefully checked while watching the video of the performance.

The men's final will take place on the 24th.

Daiki Hashimoto "Performing the best in the world"

Hashimoto said, "I have created a new performance composition according to the new rules, so I want to do it without mistakes in the qualifying and the final. In last year's qualifying, I could not concentrate, so this tournament will be a consecutive championship. However, I would like to concentrate on my performance and connect it to the world championship. "

On top of that, "My goal is to be the best in the world in individual and team competitions in this world championship. To make the best team in the world, I will be the best in the world to surpass the 1st place in the Tokyo Olympics in this tournament. I want to perform the performance that is suitable for the Olympics. "

萱 said, "Because it is a match that is finally positioned as a start for the Paris Olympics, I would like to finish the practice so far from the beginning to the end. I think that it will be a start from scratch again for the Paris Games, so so far I want to beat myself for the first two days of this tournament without forgetting the spirit of challenge while making the best use of my experience. "

Kitazono said, "I was disappointed with the silver medal last year, but I'm still a challenger. It's important for me not to run idle just because I'm definitely going to be the Japanese national team next time. I want to turn my eyes and spend the last few days. "