China News Service, Beijing, April 16 (Reporter Yue Chuan) With the closing of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing, the follow-up use of Winter Olympic venues has become one of the topics of concern in the "post-Winter Olympics era".

Data map: Beijing Wukesong Sports Center hosted the Beijing Winter Olympics ice hockey competition

  The Winter Olympics venues, which ingeniously contain Chinese culture, are a unique scenery of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.

In fact, it is not just the game that amazes the world, these venues will continue to shine after the game is over.

  From the past, how to rationally plan and utilize Olympic venues after the game has been recognized as a worldwide problem, and failure cases abound.

Different from this, in the preparation process of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, in-depth research was carried out on the use of venues after the game.

  In the construction of the overall venue, the concept of green and sustainable runs throughout.

For example, among the main venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics, 5 belong to the heritage of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, and all venues have simultaneously considered the dual requirements of use during the game and use after the game at the beginning of construction.

  In the process of coping with this worldwide problem, various venues have come up with plans that suit their own characteristics.

Taking Wukesong Culture and Sports Center as an example, from the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, a development path worthy of reference has been explored here.

  Yuan Yinghui, general manager of the brand media center of the Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center, recently introduced that with the conclusion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Wukesong Ice Center will open to the public with a new image in June this year.

It will be transformed into a one-stop family fun experience center, of which the parent-child theme space and the theater will be the two main stores of the ice center.

Data map: Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita inside the Wukesong Sports Center

  During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wukesong Culture and Sports Center has two venues to participate in the guarantee tasks: the 2008 Beijing Olympics basketball stadium - the Cadillac Center as a venue for women's ice hockey and some men's ice hockey, and the newly built Huaxi LIVE ice hockey venue. The center serves as an ice hockey training hall.

During the Winter Olympics, the Cadillac Center held a total of 29 ice hockey games, including 23 for women and 6 for men; a total of 148 ice hockey training sessions were completed in the two venues.

  From the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, the Cadillac Center has forged a new path in the reuse of Olympic heritage.

According to Yuan Yinghui, the annual number of events held in the venue increased from 9 in 2009 to more than 80 in 2019, the audience increased from 70,000 to more than 1.5 million, and the venue utilization rate was as high as 70%.

  It is reported that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the ice hockey event of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Cadillac Center has undergone an 8-month special renovation starting in April 2020.

In line with the principles of green, sharing and technology, through the "ice basket conversion", taking into account the post-competition use, to achieve the dual goals of a wonderful Olympics and sustainable use.

After the renovation, the stadium has two sizes of convertible ice rinks of 30x60 meters and 26x60 meters, which are the first in China. After the Winter Olympics, it can meet the ice needs of various ice events.

Data map: The curtain wall of the "Ice Linghua" of the Wukesong Ice Sports Center is colorful under the sunlight. Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  Yuan Yinghui said that in the future, the Cadillac Center will continue its Olympic bloodline of basketball and ice hockey, and strive to introduce more high-level ice hockey and basketball events as well as international and domestic first-line artist performances, so as to bring fans and fans a top-level viewing experience.

  At the same time, Huaxi LIVE Ice Center will become a service complex integrating sports and business with the ice rink as the core, including ice sports, catering, culture, education, entertainment and other formats, creating a "one core, multiple Format, all-round” consumption model.

  Among them, the ice rink will become a place for popular sports and national fitness activities, making full use of the advantages of the venue, actively carrying out various ice sports competitions, organizing public events from time to time, meeting the needs of many levels and diverse participation in ice sports, and continuing the public Enthusiasm for ice sports to improve the efficiency of venue use.

  Yuan Yinghui also said that the ice center will be committed to creating a parent-child theme business, and will enhance the overall family experience through a series of measures. "I hope to make it a new landmark for ice sports in Beijing, and also a parent-child micro-resort in western Beijing." (Finish)