Lotte vs. Nippon-Ham was canceled due to rain in professional baseball, and three games were played.

The Hanshin Tigers won their second win of the season and stopped the losing streak with a draw at 6.

Pacific League is one match.

In Orix vs. Seibu, Seibu won 6-1.

Seibu turned around by scoring 4 points in the 5th inning to chase 1 point, such as Makino's timely and O'Grady's 2-point timely two-base.

In the 8th inning, Tonosaki expanded his lead with a 2-point timely two-base.

Starting pitcher Takahashi is the first victory of the season with one goal in six innings.

In Orix, starting pitcher Sachiya Yamasaki did not stick with 6 runs in the middle of the 8th inning, and the batting line did not shake with no hit after the 6th inning.

There are two games in the Central League.

In DeNA vs. Yakult, Yakult won 3-2.

Yakult took the lead in the third inning with Shiomi's No. 3 solo, and in the fourth inning, Nagaoka added two points in a timely manner.

Pitcher Kanakubo, who pitched for the first time this season, became the winning pitcher with two goals in the sixth inning, and McGough, who finished the game, is the fourth save.

DeNA caught up with Soto's No. 1 Touran in the 6th inning, but fell short of it and lost 3 consecutive games.

In the Hanshin vs. Giants, Hanshin won 4 to 1.

In the 5th inning to chase 1 point, Hanshin made a comeback with Teruaki Sato's No. 4 Touran, and in the 8th inning, Rojas scored an additional point with No. 2 Touran.

Pitcher Aoyagi, who had been delayed due to infection with the new coronavirus just before the start of the season, pitched well with one goal in eight innings on his first pitch this season and became a winning pitcher.

Hanshin won the second victory of the season with the first victory in eight games, and stopped the losing streak with a draw at six.

As for the giant, starting pitcher Sugano was tenacious with 2 runs in the middle of the 7th inning, but in the attack, there were 3 double plays and a bad attack sounded.