A large number of pitchers of professional baseball and giant draft 1st place rookie marked the 8th save in the game against DeNA held in Naha City on the 13th, breaking the record for the most saves of newcomers to the team for the first time in 44 years.

Many pitchers who joined the team in 1st place in the draft had a strong straight of 158km at the fastest, and although they were newcomers, they were left to hold down from the opening, and by the 12th, they had the most 7 saves in both leagues.

Many pitchers pitched in the scene of 4 to 3 and 1 point lead in the 9th inning against DeNA in Naha City, and pitched with a straight and strong push to steal 1 infield goro and 2 strikeouts 3 I suppressed it by people and gave the 8th save.

The most save record for one season of the giant rookie was 7 saves marked by Mitsuo Sumi in 1978, breaking the team record for the first time in 44 years.

Many pitchers said, "The record is thanks to the fielders who make save developments and the pitchers who connect up to 9 times. To do the work that I was assigned to. The accumulation led to the record. I think I should go. "

The most saved records for newcomers to professional baseball are 37 saves marked by Yasuaki Yamasaki of DeNA in 2015 and Ryoji Kuribayashi of Hiroshima last year.