The 'undefeated march' of SSG, the leader of professional baseball, continued yesterday (the 13th).

Thanks to Kim Seong-hyeon's final blow in the ninth inning, he defeated LG and sprinted to 10 consecutive wins, which is the record for the most consecutive wins since the start of the season.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


SSG, who took the lead in the early stage thanks to starting pitcher Won-seok Oh, took a solo home run by LG Yoo Gang-nam and a timely hit by Park Hae-min, allowing a tie in the 6th inning.

In the 9th inning, where the 2-2 balance continued, I showed my concentration.

On a two-out third base opportunity made with a ball that fit Hanyu Island and Ko Woo-seok's wide pitch, Seong-Hyeon Kim hit a 3-run one-run triple that fell beside LG left fielder Hyun-Soo Kim, who tried to catch a dive, and Seong-Han Park added a point with a right-handed hit.

SSG was in a crisis of one-out and 2-3 base in the bottom of the ninth inning, but closing pitcher Kim Taek-hyung kept Kim Hyeon-soo and Moon Bo-kyung strikeouts in a row and kept the 4-2 victory.

SSG, which recorded 10 wins since the opening, tied the record for the most consecutive wins since the opening, set by Samsung in 2003.

Samsung put on a hot batting show against Hanwha.

Jae-il Oh and Pirella led a 12-to-1 victory by putting together 6 RBIs with 3 hits, including the first home run of the season.

After the longest marathon game of 4 hours and 50 minutes this season, Kiwoom went on to win 5 consecutive victories by winning 5-4 when pinch-hit Min-guk Kang picked a push walk in 12 extra innings and a two-out full base opportunity.

NC has lost 4 in a row.

Lotte took a 3-0 lead over KIA in the first inning, and then the match was canceled due to heavy rain and hit the ground.