Maharu Yoshimura won the men's table tennis and Miu Hirano won the women's table tennis at the Asian Games in September, and was selected as the singles representative.

The Asian tournament is scheduled to be held in China in September, and Tomokazu Harimoto and Hina Hayata, who won the domestic tournament last month, have already been selected as singles representatives for table tennis.

The singles of the Asian Games will be given points for the representative selection of the Paris Olympic Games next year, and if you win, you will get 80 points.

From the 9th, the singles representative selection meeting, which has only one slot left for both men and women, began at the Akabane Gymnasium in Kita-ku, Tokyo, and on the final day, the 10th, the remaining one league match and the men's and women's finals were held.

Of these, the women's final was a match between Hirano, who won the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics group, and Miyuu Kihara, who was 17 years old, who won all the league matches.

Hirano demonstrated her strength with a skillful receive from the first game, taking 11 to 6.

After that, he continued to dominate the game by deciding a strong smash.

In the 4th game, which was greeted with a game count of 3-0, Hirano won the championship by winning straight with a game count of 4-0, taking 9 consecutive points, and was selected as the singles representative of the Asian tournament.

On the other hand, Mima Ito, who won three medals including the gold medal at the Tokyo Games, lost the game count of 2 to 4 in the final round of the league match and did not advance to the final.

In the men's final, Shunsuke Togami and Yoshimura, who won the All Japan Championship this year, played against each other, and Yoshimura won the championship with a game count of 4 to 3, and was selected as the singles representative.

Miu Hirano "I was able to use what I had well"

Miu Hirano, who won straight and won the championship, said, "I am very happy to win the championship in a tough battle. I have been preparing for a difficult battle because I often lost to Kihara who played against me. I was able to use what I had well and I was able to play at my own pace, "he recalled with a smile.

He was enthusiastic about the Asian tournament, saying, "I want to do my best to win with confidence."

Mima Ito who missed the representative tears "The other party was better than all"

Mima Ito, who lost in the third league match and missed the singles representative of the Asian tournament, said, "I have a lot of regrets, but all the opponents have surpassed. It was a match that I could lose 0-4, and today. It would be strange if I won. I'm glad I was able to review my table tennis and play three games, "he recalled with tears in his eyes.

She then turned to her, saying, "I want to practice and work harder myself. I want to be able to beat different players and come back."

Maharu Yoshimura "I want to win the Asian Games medal and leave the results and come back"

Maharu Yoshimura said, "I'm happy to win the right to participate. It's a new motivation to do my best for the Paris Olympics. I recognize that Togami, the opponent of the final, has momentum and is superior. I fought, but I think that the experience was alive by somehow destroying the opponent and devising the ball distribution of the serve. "

Regarding the Japan national team for the first time since 2019, he said, "I feel fresh. I want to not only get out but also win medals and return with results. I wish I could show Maharu Yoshimura different from before."