On the night of the 9th, the Japanese national team of artistic swimming opened the practice to the press for the first time after the appointment of head coach Takako Nakajima.

The Japanese representative of Artistic Swimming is preparing for the World Championships to be held in Hungary in June, and on the night of the 9th, the practice was opened to the press at the Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

This is the first time that the Japanese national team has been open to the public since the head coach Nakajima took over as the former head coach Masayo Imura, who retired after the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

In the practice of the team, Megumu Yoshida, the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, played music to check the movement, and head coach Nakajima directly spoke to him to teach the timing to match the movement.

Head coach Nakajima said, "I want to brush up and create new things while following what the Japanese national team has built so far. I want to create an environment where players want to voluntarily win medals." ..

He was enthusiastic about the world championship, saying, "I want to express myself from the bottom of my heart, not just a pattern. I want to show the difference from Japan so far and win a medal."

In addition, Mr. Imura, who retired from the head coach, was appointed as a new solo coach, so on the 9th he was instructing Yukiko Inui, who will participate in the world championship solo.

Moe Yoshida "Medal in all events at the World Championships"

After the practice, Moe Yoshida said, "Many new Japanese national teams are energetic. I want to create a team suitable for the Japanese national team. I want to win medals in all events at the world championships."