Because of this picture .. Cristiano Ronaldo attacks the fans in defense of his son!


The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, attacked the fans, defending his son, Cristiano Jr, because of a picture on social media.

Junior, accompanied by his grandmother, the mother of Portugal legend Ronaldo, appeared in a photo on the Instagram application, in an apparently nice family shot, which sparked controversy because of a small detail.

Junior appeared wearing a sports jacket from the American company "Nike", represented by Ronaldo, and socks and shoes from Adidas, the first competitor to Nike.

Many fans attacked Ronaldo's son, for wearing the products of Adidas, the first competitor to Nike, which pays millions annually to Ronaldo, and considers him the first sports face.

Some considered Junior's actions "negligent" because he did not commit to wearing Nike products during his public appearances.

Ronaldo attacked fans during the comments, writing: "He (Junior) wears what he wants, not what you want."

In 2016, Ronaldo signed a huge contract with Nike, for a period of 10 years, to represent the company, for more than 190 million dollars.

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