The Major League Baseball started on the 8th, and Shohei Ohtani, an angels from Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, participated in the first ever "starting pitcher and designated hitter", and the locals showed excitement.

In Oshu City, where Shohei Ohtani is home, city hall staff wore Angels red T-shirts for the opening round.

Then, in order to support Otani, the staff put up a banner on the government building with the words "Do your best, Shohei Otani".

Kunihiro Sato, an employee of Oshu City, said, "I'm really proud of Otani, who is active in the world from his hometown. As long as Shohei Otani continues to play an active role, Oshu citizens can continue to dream."

In addition, the children of the local nursery school who visited the city hall before the match started sent a yell, "Do your best, Otani."

The TV in the lobby of the city hall showed the game, and some of the visitors stopped and watched the game.

A family member who visited the city hall said, "I think the number one batter will come around at bats a lot, so I want to see a home run."

Also, a person who moved to Oshu said, "I was proud that I could go to Otani's hometown before I moved. I want him to exceed last year's results."