Ukrainian athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics have been moving to auction medals one after another in an attempt to help their homeland continue to fight, and the medals of the "Peace Festival" held in Japan are due to the war. It is in a situation of being let go.

Ukraine's Serhii Yemelianov, a gold medalist in the Tokyo Paralympics canoeing competition, revealed on SNS that the medal was put up for auction after the military invasion by Russia.

Emerianov said on his SNS that he was listing the gold medal he won in the men's kayak single 200 meters at the Tokyo Paralympics last year, and the auction will close at 7:30 pm local time on the 7th.

Emerianov commented on SNS, "Gold medals are sold to support the people who protect Ukraine. If you work together, you will definitely win. Glory to Ukraine."

In addition, Ukraine's Stanislav Horuna, who won the bronze medal in the 75-kilometer class of karate men's kumite at the Tokyo Olympics, is also exhibiting medals on the auction site.

In a video posted on the site, Horuna said, "Olympic medals are the most valuable of the 200 medals I've won in my 19 years of competitive life. Helping people in this difficult time. Therefore, I want to sell the medals at the auction, "and many athletes are giving up the medals of the" Peace Festival "held in Japan due to the war.

Volunteers who interacted with athletes at the Tokyo tournament

A woman who participated in the Tokyo tournament as a volunteer is watching over the situation where Ukrainian players are letting go of medals one after another with mixed feelings.

Keiko Watanabe of Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, who participated in the Tokyo Paralympics as a volunteer, interacted with Serhii Yemelianov of Ukraine, who won the gold medal in the canoeing competition.

When Watanabe first spoke with Emerianov, who was practicing, he said in Russian, "We can understand Russian, but we usually use Ukrainian, so be sure to remember Ukrainian. I want you to do it, "he said, and he taught me a Ukrainian greeting.

After that, she started a military invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and when she was worried about the safety of Emerianov and checked SNS, she learned that she had put up a gold medal at the auction.

Mr. Watanabe told Emerianov through SNS, "The gold medal may leave you, but it will remain in your heart. You are a real gold medalist. I pray for your safety and peace in Ukraine. When I sent the message, "Thank you, we have managed to hold up" was a short reply.

Mr. Watanabe said, "I was very surprised to see the post that the medal at that time was put up for auction, but I want many people to know that there are players who have to let go of the medals won in Japan. I hope that the future will come as soon as possible so that players can keep their medals at hand with peace of mind. "