China News Service Client, Beijing, April 6th (Liu Xingchen) "Spring is sleepy in autumn, summer is dozing, winter is three months when you can't sleep." This saying is widely circulated in life.

But Xiaoxin is here to urge everyone to exercise today, because the International Sports Day is coming!

Yes, you read that right, April 6, International Sports Day!

  Speaking of this name, many people may not be familiar with it.

After all, this festival has not been "10 years old" since its birth.

Image source: Screenshot of the official website of the United Nations.

  On August 23, 2013, the United Nations announced the establishment of the "International Day of Sport for Development and Peace", also known as "International Day of Sport".

The 193 members of the UN General Assembly unanimously agreed to designate 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

  Jeremiah Jeremiah, then the president of the United Nations General Assembly, said it meant recognizing that "sport has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire people around the the same time as a tremendously powerful tool for development."

FILE PHOTO: Students are playing football.

China News Agency reporter Liu Xinshe

  Yes, sports can bring happiness.

  The epidemic has not yet subsided, and home exercise and fitness have become the choice of many people.

Check out the fitness tutorials and myths shared by well-known athletes on social media platforms.

Follow the light music and get moving!

  "Jump, jump, jump, jump..." Ling Zhi, a curling player in the video, jumped up onto the stacked boxes, improving his jumping ability.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, many netizens envied their outstanding figure, and they did not move together!

Image source: Screenshot of Lingzhi Weibo video.

  Don't know what exercises to do at home?

look here!

Keeping your back against the wall and your legs bent, hold this squat position for a minute and a half to activate your core muscles.

The women's football goalkeeper Zhao Lina in the video demonstrates this action.

Intimately, she summed up the trilogy after fitness for everyone: stretching, hydration, and protein.

Get out your notebook now!

Image source: Screenshot of Zhao Lina's Weibo video.

  The explosive power of the famous track and field player Su Bingtian is amazing. In addition to talent, daily training also plays an important role.

Quickly follow "Su Shen", swing your legs briskly, and feel the force of your waist and abdomen.

Image source: Screenshot of the official Weibo video of "Shenzhen Overseas Chinese News".

  "In addition to enhancing muscle strength, the waist and abdomen strength can be used to create beautiful vest lines and mermaid lines, and it can also stabilize the core, prevent waist injuries, and relieve pain." With this text, Tokyo Olympic trampoline champion Zhu Xueying's this Does the action catch your eye?

(It looks very simple, but it is difficult to achieve high speed, Xiaoxin has experienced it...)

Image source: Screenshot of Zhu Xueying's Weibo video.

  Waiting for the spring to bloom, go to an appointment for a basketball game.

Jeremy Lin teaches you what moves to do before going on the court to avoid injury.

Please accept this tutorial!

Image source: Screenshots of Jeremy Lin's Douyin works.

Image source: Screenshots of Jeremy Lin's Douyin works.

  In many fitness tutorials, everyone has mentioned such a point: to exercise scientifically, step by step.

  Xiaoxin talked to Jia Le (pseudonym), a personal trainer who has been in the fitness industry for nearly 7 years, and summed up a few fitness misunderstandings for everyone!

See if you are hit!

Myth 1: Men want better looking muscles and women want to lose weight.

  Fitness must be based on health, and it is necessary to evaluate the individual's physical condition before starting fitness, so as to determine the scientific training volume, and do not start training blindly.

Data map: People are exercising.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

Myth 2: The greater the amount of exercise, the more effective it is, and it is necessary to train frequently.

  For the novice "Xiaobai", the amount of training 2-3 times a week is enough, and each training is controlled at about 45 minutes.

For those who exercise regularly, each time can be controlled within 1-1.5 hours, and the number of training sessions can be increased to 3-5 times.

Misunderstanding 3: Where there is fat, the main practice is where.

  The consumption of fat is systemic, not wherever you practice.

In fitness and exercise, attention should be paid to maintaining whole-body exercise, and targeted strengthening training can be carried out on the part.

Otherwise, training one part of the body alone can cause muscle imbalances.

Data map: People sweating in the gym.

Photo by China News Service reporter Li Peiyun

Myth 4: Eating at night will make you gain weight.

  I believe this is a misunderstanding of many people.

  You do need to control your diet while exercising, otherwise fat will "block" the muscle lines.

In Jia Le's words, "You can't lose weight only by exercising and not controlling your diet." In addition, the body's metabolism is based on the daily intake.

Therefore, it does not mean that you will gain weight by eating at night, but it must be considered comprehensively from the intake of the day.

(Hearing this, Xiaoxin let out a long breath!)

  After reading so much, I wonder if everyone has the urge to "move"?

Xiaoxin has put on his sportswear and is ready to start exercising!

  The outbreak of this epidemic has actually sent a signal to us that having a healthy body is the foundation of everything.

You might as well take advantage of the "International Sports Day", call your friends around you, and start exercising together!