Tove Alexandersson started the ski alpinism season with a second place during the premiere weekend.

The following week, the season's first, and only, victory came when she won the vertical discipline in Andorra.

- It was incredible, this is the first vertical race I won, the Swede said afterwards.

She linked an early grip on the overall World Cup - before the season's last three competitions, Alexandersson is second, just three points behind the Frenchwoman Emily Harrop. 

But now it is clear that Alexandersson will miss the finish, which begins in French Flaine on Wednesday.

"It's time to say goodbye to the Alps"

After the competitions in the Italian Val Martelllo on March 20, Alexandersson contracted a cold, which she still feels.

“It's time to say goodbye to the Alps and start the journey back home to Sweden.

I still have not fully recovered from the virus I got a few weeks ago and no World Cup competitions for me this week ", Alexandersson writes on Instagram.

Last season, too, the Swede had a chance of winning the overall World Cup.

But due to a misunderstanding, she was absent from an award ceremony - and was washed.

The missing points meant that she eventually lost the overall victory.

“I was an award ceremony from winning the overall World Cup.

To be dished out and to lose the World Cup title due to a misunderstanding and a missed award ceremony hurts me a lot.

If they had just tried to contact us, I would have turned up but no one did, "wrote Alexandersson then.