In the first round of the CBA playoffs, the Jilin team was eliminated by a big score of 0 to 2

  Missing the quarterfinals Shougang team swallowed the bitter fruit

  On the 4th, the Beijing Shougang team lost to the Jilin team again 75-80, and were eliminated 0-2 in the first round of the playoffs.

The Shougang team has not been successful this season, and they are far from their goals for the season.

  On the 4th, the Shougang team and the Jilin team had a second battle, which significantly improved their defensive strength. They were better than the first game in this regard.

Although the Shougang team was behind by a large margin in the opening stage, they gradually caught up with the score after a period of hard work.

The turning point of the game was at the beginning of the third quarter, when the Shougang team was hit by a scoring climax by the opponent, and the score changed from a 3-point lead at halftime to a 6-point deficit.

After the score was overtaken again, the Shougang team had been struggling to catch up, but it was always a sigh of relief.

  Head coach Yannis kept dispatching troops, and Qiu Tian almost played the role of a surprise soldier.

However, the Shougang team could never find a good feeling on offense. Players including Fang Shuo, Zhu Yanxi, and Raymond did not perform well in the last two quarters.

Among them, Raymond had two good open shots in the distal quarter, but they were unable to hit, which hurt morale to a certain extent.

  The performance of the Shougang team is indeed unacceptable.

The Shougang team has absolute advantages in many aspects, but they were still eliminated by their opponents. This result was beyond the expectations of many people.

Last season, the Shougang team was still able to enter the quarterfinals, but this time they have regressed in the situation that the lineup has been upgraded again, which is unreasonable anyway.

  Head coach Yannis said after the game: "We had a lot of vacant opportunities in this game, but unfortunately we didn't make a hit." A reporter asked Yannis for the expression "there are vacant opportunities but no shots" in this season It has been mentioned many times, what is the specific reason?

"It's a combination of factors, and it's not a very good occasion," Yannis said.

  after the game

  Yannis resigns as Shougang head coach

  Head coach Yannis said after the game that he took all responsibility and that he no longer served as the team's head coach.

  Regarding the resignation of the head coach, he said: "At this moment, it is very painful for everyone who supports and loves Beijing Shougang. Such a result hurts the city of Beijing, as well as Beijing fans and the entire team. My heart. As head coach, I take full responsibility. This journey is over. I have decided not to continue as head coach."

  Yannis finally expressed his gratitude to the team.

He said: "I would also like to sincerely thank every member of the team and their support and help to me. I would like to thank Shougang Group and the team management for their trust in me. I believe that our team will definitely achieve success in the near future. success."


  What happened to Shougang's decline in lineup upgrade results?

  Although the Shougang team has been upgraded compared to last season in terms of lineup, this season's performance has shown a significant decline, which is deeply regrettable and disappointing.

This team is nowhere close to its season goals.

  Objectively speaking, the Shougang team's lineup this season has been upgraded again compared to last season.

This season, the Shougang team has reserved four foreign aids, which is the only team in the league with four foreign aids.

But even with such an advantage, the team failed to take full advantage of it, and instead became a "trouble" for the team at some point.

Towards the end of the regular season, the Shougang team took the initiative to choose an opponent in the first round of the playoffs like the Jilin team, which was regarded as an ideal matchup choice at the time, but in the end they lost two games in a row. The process and results are unacceptable.

The Jilin team only has Jones as a foreign aid, and his playing time exceeds 45 minutes. At the same time, this team has been using the overdraft mode to complete the game. They are more of a thin team that only relies on 7-player rotation, but it is faced with this The Shougang team is still unable to win, even if it is to win a game.

It really can't be said.

  Jilin team's investment in the whole league is definitely at the middle and lower level. Compared with the Shougang team, there is a huge gap.

But that's it, the Shougang team still lost to the opponent, which is obviously a very failed season.

The goal of the Shougang team before the season was to hit the top four or even better, but in the end it stopped in the first round of the 12-to-8 playoffs. This kind of performance output is too different from the team’s investment.

  The head coach of the Shougang team, Yanis, led the team to the quarter-finals last season. At that time, he returned to the team again, which injected great confidence into the team and brought the team back on track.

But there has been a lot of controversy over Yanis' coaching this season.

  Yannis has always emphasized defense to win games, but in the face of strong teams, defense alone is obviously not enough to go further in the season.

Although Yannis is also making appropriate adjustments in terms of personnel, otherwise he will not let foreign aids like Gibson and Brown carry out the kind of attack with a high degree of freedom in certain games, but this is not the fundamental of his coaching.

The Shougang team has been in the middle of the league in terms of offense over the years, and Yannis has not brought much improvement to the team in this regard.

  The team ended in failure in the season, and as the head coach Yanis must bear the corresponding responsibility.

Yannis has been chasing results for the team, which has largely kept him out of training young players.

But if Yannis is measured by performance, then this season is obviously failing.

This is why Yannis has to take responsibility.

  The performance of defender Jeremy Lin this season is far from satisfactory.

It is undeniable that Jeremy Lin has experienced a significant decline in his physical ability and state due to the adverse effects of the new crown before the season.

But as a leader on the field, he is obviously unqualified.

The Shougang Team has been helping Jeremy Lin adjust his state in many ways, but the effect is obviously not very good.

The Shougang team lacks a true field leader.

Such a leader is the player who carries the team forward at a critical moment, the kind of player who can decide the game.

Jeremy Lin is obviously far from expectations for such an on-court role this season.

And Gibson, he is more like a firefighter, and the last hole card the team was forced to play without a move.

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