Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 3 (Reporter Zhou Xin) After a two-day team test, the biggest feature of the debut of the Chinese diving dream team, which has restarted in the Paris Olympic cycle, is "new": among the 18 players Only three are "post-90s", and the rest of the athletes were born after 2000; the oldest player is Cao Yuan, a 27-year-old Olympic three-time gold medalist, and Quan Hongchan, who has just passed her 15th birthday, is still the "cute" in the team. ".

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese diving team won 7 golds and 5 silvers. The main heroes such as Shi Tingmao, Wang Han, Chen Aisen, Xie Sizhen and Yang Jian left quietly. Zhang Jiaqi has been admitted to Beijing Sports University and is about to start his university life.

  In the team test on April 1 and 2, the candidates for the four duo events were all "reorganized".

The women's platform diving champion Quan Hongchan of the Tokyo Olympics was absent due to injury, but she and Chen Yuxi have been working together for two months, and will work together to hit the double 10-meter platform.

22-year-old Chen Yiwen and 20-year-old Chang Yani, who won the World Cup in Tokyo last year, are now new partners in the women's double 3-meter springboard. Compared with the Tokyo Olympics, their test scores are only 3.21 points lower than the champions Shi Tingmao/Wang Han. .

  Cao Yuanrong, who won three gold medals in three different events at the three Olympic Games, was promoted to the "pillar", but he was troubled by a shoulder injury in February, and his training was not systematic. Now he is back in the 3-meter springboard and teamed up with 20-year-old Wang Zongyuan. The double test results are enough to beat other foreign groups in the Tokyo Olympics, second only to Xie Siyi/Wang Zongyuan, who won the championship.

24-year-old Yang Hao and 21-year-old Lian Junjie collaborated on the men's doubles 10m platform, showing good synchronization.

  Zhou Jihong, the leader of the Chinese diving team, pointed out: "The current pairing is still in the running-in stage. They have certain personal strength, but after the recombination, both technical structure and double synchronization are insufficient, and it will take time to run in."

  In the single test, the Tokyo Olympic single runner-up and double champion Chen Yuxi won the women's 10-meter platform; Chen Yiwen came out on top in the women's 3-meter springboard; Wang Zongyuan and Cao Yuan struggled to win the men's 3-meter springboard; On the men's 10-meter platform, Yang Hao and Lian Junjie took turns to score high, and it was not until the last jump that Yang Hao narrowly won by 2.55 points.

  Because some of the team members participated in the diving exhibition competition of the Abu Dhabi World Short Pool Swimming Championships in December last year, they entered the winter training for a short time.

Zhou Jihong pointed out that Yang Hao scored 94.50 points in 407B (reverse tossing for three and a half weeks), and Lian Junjie scored a game-high 100.80 points in 207B (backward tossing for three and a half weeks), which surprised her.

  "They didn't practice new moves for a long time, especially for Junjie's 207B to be able to jump like this, it's a miracle for him. But this winter training time is very short, and the players still need to compete non-stop throughout the year. And training, and then correcting the movement through the next winter training, will have a big improvement."

  From April 21st to 26th, the national diving team will go to Xi'an for the World Championships and Asian Games qualifiers to meet new challenges.