China News Agency, Beijing, April 4th. The 2021-2022 CBA playoffs will continue on the 4th of the first round and the second round of the competition.

Beijing Shougang team and Shandong team lost to Jilin team and Shenzhen team respectively.

  The battle between the Beijing team and the Jilin team is the focus of the second round of the first round.

In the regular season this season, the Beijing team and the Jilin team ranked seventh and tenth respectively.

The top-ranked Beijing team not only double-killed Jilin team in the regular season, but also won by big scores (105:76, 106:75).

This time the two teams met again, and it was almost a consensus of the outside world that the Beijing team advanced to the quarter-finals.

  But in the first round, the Beijing team was beaten by the Jilin team and lost a good start 102:104.

Despite this, many fans still believe that the Beijing team, which has four major foreign players, can make a comeback in the second round and finally achieve a reversal.

  At the beginning of this campaign, the situation on the field was unexpected again. All the members of the Beijing team were like sleepwalking. They woke up like a dream in the passive situation of 0:16 and started to exert their strength. After chasing to 20:23 in the first quarter, at the end of the first half , to overtake the score by 3 points (39:36).

  After that, the Beijing team fell into a downturn again, scoring only 14 points in a single quarter in the third quarter, and the Chengquan Jilin team returned to the leading position with 58:53.

In the fourth quarter, the Beijing team was eager to score points, but the Jilin team, which had already taken the lead, played steadily and finally secured the victory with 80:75, advancing to the quarter-finals ahead of schedule with two consecutive victories, and will face Zhejiang Guangsha team in the quarter-finals. .

  In this game, the "only seedling" foreign aid Jones of the Jilin team contributed a game-high 21 points and 11 assists, and scored 8 rebounds.

For the Beijing team, the Chinese-American foreign aid Jeremy Lin, who performed bravely in the last game, was in a mediocre state, scoring 11 points and 4 rebounds, while another foreign aid Gibson scored 14 points and 7 rebounds.

In addition, Fang Shuo had 13 points and 4 rebounds, Zhai Xiaochuan had 2 points and 8 rebounds, and Liu Xiaoyu had 5 points and 6 assists.

  This is also the first time the Beijing team has missed the quarterfinals of the playoffs in the past five seasons.

In the regular season last season, the Beijing team once ranked 15th and was considered to have entered the darkest moment.

Despite this, the Beijing team, which stumbled into the playoffs, still eliminated the Shenzhen team in the first round and entered the quarterfinals.

  This season, the Beijing team not only ushered in the return of Jeremy Lin, but also has 4 foreign aids when each team has reduced foreign aid due to the epidemic, plus the new "Twin Towers" composed of Li Muhao and Fan Ziming last season, as well as Liu Xiaoyu, Zhai Xiaochuan and other national brands Veteran, the Beijing team is believed to be expected to compete for the championship this season.

Now, the Beijing team has stopped in the first round, and lost to the Jilin team, which had never won a playoff victory in the previous 17 seasons, breaking the first upset of the playoffs this season.

  In another match on the evening of the 4th, the Shenzhen team defeated the Shandong team 120:108, and also advanced to the quarter-finals with two consecutive victories, and will face the Shanghai team in the quarter-finals.

The Guangdong team was the first to advance on the 3rd, and the last quarter-final spot in the playoffs this season will be between the Guangzhou team and the Shanxi team.

  Guangzhou team and Shanxi team ranked eighth and ninth in the regular season respectively, and they were the closest pair in terms of ranking and strength among the 4 groups of opponents in the first round of the playoffs.

The two sides also fully demonstrated "evenly matched" in the game. The first two rounds were tied 1:1, and the "battle of life and death" will be held on the 5th. It is the only group in the first round that has played three games.