Professional baseball has been canceled for five games after Rakuten vs. Softbank has confirmed that Rakuten players have been infected with the new coronavirus.

Hanshin has lost eight games in a row, which is the longest in the Central League since the opening.

This is the Central League.

▼ Giants vs. Hanshin, Giants won 5-4.

The giant was first to score two points at a time, but the back, Sakamoto's No. 2 Touran caught up with the tie.

In the 2nd inning, Maru's No. 2 solo won, and in the 3rd inning, Polanco's No. 3 solo scored additional points.

The second pitcher, Toda, won his first professional victory, and the giant won five straight games.

Hanshin was close to 1 point in the 9th inning, and still crushed the chance of 1 out, 2nd base and 3rd base in double play, and the consecutive losses from the opening became the longest in the Central League, 8 consecutive losses.

▼ Yakult vs. DeNA was extended 10 times, and Yakult won 3 to 2 by goodbye.

Yakult decided the game with a two-to-two extension 10 times, a no-out first base and second base to Murakami's light-over two-base hit.

The sixth pitcher, Umeno, won the second victory, and Yakult stopped the losing streak with four.

DeNA attacked in the top of the 10th inning with a bases loaded with 2 outs, but couldn't score a goal and the winning streak stopped at 4.

▼ Chunichi vs. Hiroshima won the reversal goodbye 12 times, with Chunichi 4-3.

Chunichi was able to win 1 point in the 12th inning, but he caught up with Oshima's timely three-base from the back, 1 out first base, and Okabayashi's infield hit to score the final point.

Pitcher Mori, who was the ninth pitcher in the second year, won his first professional victory.

Hiroshima survived the pinch again and again, but at the end, pitcher Kuribayashi collapsed.

This is the Pacific League.

▼ Lotte vs. Seibu, Lotte won 8 to 1.

Lotte took the lead with Laird's No. 1 Touran in the 4th inning, scored additional points with Martin's sacrifice fly in the 5th inning, and added 5 points in the 7th inning with Laird's timely.

Starting pitcher Futaki won his first victory of the season with five hits in seven innings and a good pitch with no runs.

Seibu suffered three consecutive losses without being able to hit the line.

▼ Orix vs. Nippon-Ham, Orix won 7-0.

Orix scored two goals in two timely hits by Buffaloes and Ota.

In the 7th inning, he scored 5 points at a stroke, such as hitting 4 consecutive timely players from No. 1 Fukuda to No. 4 Masataka Yoshida as one out bases loaded.

Starting pitcher Yamamoto of Ace scored his second win with a good pitch without any goals in the seventh inning, and Orix is ​​the first consecutive win of the season.

Nippon-Ham lost 6 games in a row with 6 shutouts.