The first meeting was an even story where the teams followed each other for 60 minutes, as well as the subsequent extension.

And the second match between the teams was no exception.

After the first half, it was 13-13 and Skara, who won in the first quarter final, got a promising start in the second and was in the lead for a long time.

Many thanks to Sara Johansson.

Missed a chance to equalize in the end

The 29-year-old returned to Skara before last year's playoffs, and has been a key player during this year's basic series.

Today she scored nine goals - but that did not help much.

With less than a quarter of an hour left, the guests, and the favorites in advance, made a small jerk that was maintained.

But there were dramatic closing seconds.

H65 Höörs Amelia Lundbäck a penalty throw, which had meant a two-ball lead.

Instead, the home team got the chance to equalize and take the match to extra time.

Sara Johansson's attempt failed, however, and H65 Höör withdrew.

- Very nice!

Especially after the last match which was very long with two extensions.

Now it is 0-0 again, and that is a huge advantage for us, says five-goal shooter Emma Nuhanovic in C More's broadcast.

The third quarter-final meeting will be played on Saturday, April 9.