A couple of meters before the finish line, Andersson got a laurel wreath and made a small victory gesture at the finish line.

She then waited for Björgen, who was 54 seconds behind in the light snowfall.

Even after a mile of riding, Andersson, who was riding on a pedestal, made a jerk uphill in the huge climb of just over 400 meters up to Orta.

The heavy snowfall that prevailed at the start in Setermoen subsided quickly and the Swede had good conditions alone with the scooter in the barren Arctic landscape in northern Norway.

- It characterizes Ebba's attitude to skiing.

She is uncompromising and loves her skiing.

The season can not be long enough, says SVT Sports expert Anders Blomquist.

After the second big climb at 33 km, type Tour de France, Andersson had a lead of 2.24 to Marit Björgen, who took in the lighter sections between the reindeer herds down to the goal in Bardufoss.

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