• AS Saint-Etienne receives Olympique de Marseille at Geoffroy Guichard this Saturday evening during the 30th day of Ligue 1.

  • The Stéphanois, historical rivals of OM are 18th in the classification and first play-off, while Bordeaux, another historical rival, is dead last.

  • Among OM supporters, we have a slight preference for maintaining Saint-Etienne rather than that of Bordeaux, for the popular fervor of the Stéphanois.

Two monuments of French football are wavering, and it is the Marseillais who savor.

Olympique de Marseille travels to Saint-Etienne this Saturday evening for the 30th day of Ligue 1, with the possibility of sinking a little more a historic rival, while the Greens are only 18th and barrage, before the final sprint .

The other historic rival, the Girondins de Bordeaux, is in an even more catastrophic position, since they are dead last, 6 points behind the first non-relegation player, Clermont.

One thing is certain, the period is one of delight for OM supporters, with this very complicated season for Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux.

“It's a joy to see that our greatest historical rivals can come down.

Whatever happens, we are already happy to see that they are in the same shit”, relishes the twitto Basile Bilo, widely followed by the “Team OM”.

"We talked about it with my boyfriend, and it's true that we are too happy to see the situation in which these clubs are, especially Bordeaux", abounds Najet Rami, another faithful of Olympique de Marseille.

Small preference for maintaining Saint-Etienne

For Titi, one of OM's most famous supporters, this situation is more "annoying", because Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux "remain two emblematic clubs in Ligue 1".

“We still like these confrontations, it's still a question of pride and rivalry.

If all our rivals go down to Ligue 2, it will become a bleak plain, ”he believes.

But don't Marseille supporters have a slight preference?

Of course yes.

“In Bordeaux, there is no more fervor, nothing.

They only tick the match against OM in their calendar and that's it.

So I still prefer to see Sainté stay the same, the atmosphere is warmer there and it would be good if he stayed in Ligue 1 for the image of French football, ”concedes Titi.

“Worse than their ranking in terms of fervor”

“Bordeaux, I won't mind if they go down.

And in the landscape of Ligue 1 I prefer to see Sainté than Bordeaux.

With Saint-Etienne things are still going well, they are rivals, but also old friends.

In Bordeaux they only fill their stadium once a season, against us, ”continues Najet Rami.

“In Bordeaux, it's nothing, it's worse than their ranking in terms of fervor, slice Basile Bilo.

And at the Vélodrome, this season, it was a better party against Saint-Etienne than against Bordeaux.

So for this reason I would prefer to see Bordeaux go down more.

Especially since after 44 years of invincibility for the Bordelais at home against OM, the Marseillais ended this incredible series last January thanks to a goal from Amine Harit (0-1).

"After beating Bordeaux at home, and putting an end to their invincibility, it's a pleasure to see them bottom of the hole", savors Basile Bilo.

"Now that the record has fallen, they can go down, who cares," judge Titi.

“Clearly, it's done, we have repaired this anomaly.

Suddenly even for them they no longer have much interest in staying in Ligue 1 since their season only came down to this match, ”says Najet Rami.

But still not to the point of dropping the match against Saint-Etienne, while OM is on its side in a race not for maintenance, but for the Champions League.


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