The final of Senbatsu High School Baseball will be held at Koshien Stadium from 0:30 pm, and Omi High School, which is aiming for the first victory through spring and summer as a Shiga prefectural team, will face Osaka Toin High School, which is aiming for the fourth victory in four years.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

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Osaka Toin High School | ―――― | ―――― | ―――― |    

 Ohmi | ―――― | ―――― |

<Starter member>

[Osaka Toin (first attack)]

1st Third: Kato Ito

2nd Right: Hayato Taniguchi

3rd Catcher: Shioon Matsuo

4th First: Kazuyoshi Maruyama

5th Center

: Yudai Ebine 6th Left: Shimon Tai

7th Second: Tenshin Hoshiko

8th Short: Base Suzuki

9th Pitcher: Yusuke Maeda

[Omi (second attack)]

1st Second: Motoi Tsuda

2nd Short: Satoru Yokota

3rd Third: Kiyoshi Nakase

4th First: Kosei Okazaki

5 No. Catcher: Daisho Ohashi

No. 6 Left: Hinata Kawamoto

No. 7 Right: Daisuke Kiyotani

No. 8 Center: Sakutaro Nishikawa

No. 9 Pitcher: Yosho Yamada



Omi made it to the finals for the first time from a substitute school while the team was rushed to participate in place of the school that declined the tournament just before the opening due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The center of the pitching is pitcher Haru Yamada, who is the captain of the big black pillar, and he has completed all four games so far, and all of them are stable with 2 goals or less.

However, in order to prevent pitcher injuries, there is a limit of 500 pitches per week, so pitcher Yamada can only throw 116 pitches.

He is limited to the batters he is competing against when he reaches 116 balls.

<Results of this tournament>

▽ 1st round Omi 6-2 Nagasaki Hidaka (extended 13th tiebreaker)

▽ 2nd round Omi 7-2 Seikouin

▽ Quarterfinal Omi 6-1 Konko Osaka

▽ Semifinal Omi 5-2 Urawa Gakuin (Extension 11 times)

[Osaka Toin]

Osaka Toin is the first to advance to the final in four years since 2018, when he won his second consecutive spring-summer championship.

In both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, the hit line recorded double-digit hits and double-digit scores.

As for the pitchers, four pitchers, including one of the pitchers who are paying attention to this tournament and pitcher Yusuke Maeda, who is in the second grade, have achieved stable results with five goals in three games.

<Results of this tournament>

▽ 1st round Osaka Toin 3-1 Naruto

▽ 2nd round Osaka Toin (bye) Hiroshima Sho

▽ Quarterfinal Osaka Toin 17-0 City Wakayama

▽ Semifinal Osaka Toin 13-4 Kokugakuin Kugayama