Senbatsu High School Baseball, 30th, two semi-final games will be held.

▽ Game 1 Urawa Gakuin x Omi (scheduled to start 11:00)

▽ Game 2 Kokugakuin Kugayama x Osaka Toin (scheduled to start 13:30)

Game 1 Urawa Gakuin x Ohmi

The first match is a match between Urawa Gakuin in Saitama and Ohmi High School, which has advanced to the top four in Senbatsu for the first time as a Shiga prefectural team.

Urawa Gakuin has a strong team with four home runs and a strong hitting line at this tournament.

In particular, the center pole of No. 4 Nabekura Kazuhiro, who has scored three consecutive games such as hitting a batting average of 60%, 6 minutes and 7 minutes in three games, hitting a three-run in the quarter-final with No. 3 Yuta Kaneda, who has one home run, is doing well. The key to scoring is how to get a runner in front of two people.

Omi was rushed to take the place of the school that declined to participate in the tournament due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection within the team, but he has won the top four.

The center of the game is pitcher Haru Yamada, who also serves as the captain, and has completed all three games from the first round.

Since there is a limit of 500 balls in a week, it is also worth noting how to connect the pitcher and challenge the opponent's strong hitting line in the final on the 31st.

Game 2 Kokugakuin Kugayama x Osaka Toin

The second match is a match between Tokyo's Kokugakuin Kugayama High School, which challenges the first semi-final through spring and summer, and Osaka Toin High School, which aims to win the championship for the first time in four tournaments.

Kokugakuin Kugayama has won with pitcher relays of three different types of pitchers, centered on pitcher Riku Narita, who started in the quarterfinals.

In addition to each pitcher's uniqueness against Osaka Toin, who has a strong batting line, the key to the game is how to reduce the number of runs by adjusting the bench, such as the timing of pitcher change.

In the quarter-finals, Osaka Toin hit six home runs in one game, which is in line with the tournament record.

As for the pitchers, three pitchers, including pitcher Yusuke Maeda, who started in the quarter-finals, boasted an outstanding sense of stability with only one goal in the two games so far, and as the winning team of the Meiji Jingu Tournament last fall. It is showing a solid battle.