Chinanews client, Beijing, March 29. According to foreign media reports, Barcelona President Laporta said recently when talking about "Messi will return to Barcelona" rumors that a new team is currently being established without considering Messi. possibility of return.

Screenshots of foreign media reports

  Previously, there were rumors that Messi would return to Barcelona. Laporta said: "I have not received relevant news, and his agent has not told me that Messi wants to return."

  "The truth is that we are not looking at the possibility of Messi returning at the moment, we are building a new team. But Messi is Messi, he is the best player in the world, he is the Ballon d'Or winner and he will not go back. While such a deal is not in our plans, Messi deserves respect."

  On the topic of Messi's departure, Laporta said: "It was not easy for me, I didn't want things to develop like this, but it happened, the club came first, I think we did what you have to do.”

Data map: Messi holds his seventh Golden Ball trophy.

  At present, Barcelona is gradually recovering under the leadership of coach Xavi, and has won 12 unbeaten games in all competitions, ranking third in La Liga.

In the last round, Barcelona beat the leader Real Madrid 4:0 away in the "National Derby".

  And Messi's Paris Saint-Germain was reversed by Real Madrid 3:1 in the second round of the previous Champions League 1/8 final, Messi missed the Champions League quarter-finals for two consecutive years.