The victory jerk came already on the second leg of the relay 3x5 kilometers.

Ebba Andersson in Piteå's first team went out together with Sofia Henriksson in Piteå's second team but quickly picked up the pace and shook off Henriksson.

Andersson constantly extended her lead and at the last change she handed over to Jonna Sundling a full 1 minute and 8 seconds ahead of Piteå's second team.

Sundling, who impressed a lot all season, continued to extend the lead.

With 2.5 kilometers left, the lead was one and a half minutes.

The victory margin for Piteå's second team, with Rmma Ribom, Sofia Henriksson and Lisa Vinsa, was finally 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

IFK Umeå's team 1 won the relay bronze, almost 2 and a half minutes behind Piteå's first team.

Charlotte Kalla, who made the penultimate race of her career, opened the relay for the winning team.

Together with Emma Ribom in Piteå's second team, she quickly pulled away and left the rest of the field behind.

Ribom shifted as number one - 0.9 ahead of Kalla and 23.6 seconds ahead of Moa Hansson and Falun Borlänge.

Another 24 seconds behind, IFK Mora switched as the fourth team.

- There was no talk about the matter.

Nobody can beat these girls today, says SVT's expert Anders Blomquist.