The Ski Jumping Men's World Cup group was held in Slovenia on the 26th, and Japan was ranked 6th with ace Ryoyu Kobayashi, who won two medals at the Beijing Olympics, and Daiki Ito, who will retire this season. did.

The ski jumping men's group is an event in which four players per team fly twice to compete for total points.

The final round of the season for the group took place on the 26th in Slovenia on a flying hill with a hill size of 240 meters, which is larger than the large hill.

Japan has won the gold medal at the normal hill of the Beijing Olympics, the bronze medal at the Sochi tournament group with the ace Kobayashi who won the silver medal at the large hill, and Ito who has participated in the Olympics for five consecutive tournaments and will retire from active duty this season. , Yukiya Sato, and Keiichi Sato.

In Japan, Kobayashi flew 234 meters and Ito flew 192 meters 50 in the first jump, but finished 6th.

The second time, the third player, Kobayashi, stayed at 228 meters.

And after Ito, who flew at the end, marked 197 meters 50, teammates and overseas players rushed in and applauded the audience.

Japan finished 6th with a total of 1355.3 points, and the winner was Slovenia.