China News Service Zhangjiakou, March 24 (Reporter Cui Tao) With the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Zhangjiakou, one of the host cities, has also attracted much attention.

How to "circle fans" in the world and change "flow" into "reservation"?

Zhangjiakou is thinking about this problem.

  World-class "fans" like Zhangjiakou

  A Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou seems to have many world-class "fans".

  Prince Albert II of Monaco, who wanted to take Bing Dundun home, was full of praise for Zhangjiakou's service guarantee work at Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza on February 8.

He wrote in the message: "Thank you for organizing such a wonderful awards ceremony, thank you for the warm hospitality."

  IOC President Bach also visited Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village and dined at the Athlete's Restaurant.

Bach specially commented on the catering service of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village: "Thank you very much for your warm service and delicious food".

  In addition, Zhangjiakou has also received praise from many athletes.

  American snowboarders Sean White and Tessa Maud posted on social media the food of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village to express their love.

Sean White shared the athlete's restaurant via video, saying that it not only has everything in it, but also praised the food as "very delicious".

  "Reservation" in the post-Winter Olympics era

  He has gained countless world-class "fans", making Zhangjiakou a small mountain city to become the "top class" in the world.

After the Winter Olympics, how did Zhangjiakou turn "traffic" into "reservation"?

  Zhangjiakou is located in the best skiing area in the world at 41° north latitude, and has formed one of the largest ski resort clusters in China.

  The Zhangjiakou competition area has 4 competition venues including Genting Ski Park, National Ski Jumping Center, National Cross Country Skiing Center, and National Biathlon Center, and 5 non-competitive venues including Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village).

  According to the Zhangjiakou Municipal Sports Bureau, after the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Zhangjiakou ice and snow events have reached the world's top level.

In the future, Zhangjiakou will use the venues to hold high-end events, forming the normalization of high-end events.

  In addition to keeping the world's attention, Zhangjiakou will also become a window to showcase China.

  According to reports, Zhangjiakou will rely on the National Ski Jumping Center, the National Biathlon Center and other venues to build the Olympic Park, and transform some Winter Olympics venues into Olympic-themed museums, making them an important window to display the unique charm of Olympic culture and Chinese culture. .

  Zhangjiakou will make use of the "Xue Ruyi" and other landmark buildings of the Winter Olympics to vigorously develop the exhibition economy, actively hold international and domestic high-end forums and exhibitions, and create an international exchange platform with local characteristics and global influence.

  "Olympic business card" leading to the future

  Through the preparation of the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou's development path has gradually become clear.

  The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway has shortened the distance of regional coordinated development, and Zhangjiakou has been officially incorporated into the capital's one-hour living circle.

  Accelerating the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports and cultural tourism belt has become an important measure for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

Beijing and Zhangjiakou have launched 8 high-quality tourist routes, including parent-child skiing, forest exploration, B&B New Year’s Day, and Expo Lantern Festival, covering more than 70 high-quality ice and snow resources in the two places.

  By improving the regional appearance in the way of "sports +", Chongli, a former national-level poverty-stricken county, has become a global tourist destination and has been rated as a potential area for ice and snow tourism investment.

In Chongli, one out of every four people holds a "snow rice bowl", and the ice and snow are also "golden and silver".

  Zhangjiakou vigorously develops the ice and snow industry.

As of the end of November 2021, the city has signed 52 R&D and manufacturing projects for ice and snow equipment, involving 8 countries and regions including France and Italy.

  As a renewable energy demonstration area, Zhangjiakou has introduced 104 new energy power generation enterprises, turning the "scenery" on the dam into ecological "green energy".

In Zhangjiakou, the green new energy industry cluster with wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, and hydrogen energy equipment as the main force is accelerating the development.

Zhangjiakou will move towards the future of urban development with its "Olympic business card".