Mirza, Al Mutaiwee and Al Sayegh hope the team in the Asian Championship

"Emirates Cycling" is on the way to the World Championships with the "classification"

  • Yusuf Mirza.

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  • Mohammed Al Mutaiwee.

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  • Safiya Al Sayegh.

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The President of the Cycling Federation, Mansour Bouassiba, revealed that the current season witnessed a new achievement for Emirati bikes, happening for the first time in the history of the game, by registering state races in the International Federation, which gave Emirati bikes an official and distinctive classification on the Asian continent, whether at the level of adults or a category. Under 23 years old mother of ladies.

Bouaseba told "Emirates Today": "The technical director of the federation, Vache Zadorian, succeeded in registering all the country's races that were held this year in the International Federation, which gave a rating of points to the Emirates at the level of Asia, and this will certainly serve the UAE team in order to reach the championships. world, and to the French Olympics, where the continental championships are treated as points, to maintain the country’s classification in general, and the cyclist’s classification in particular, and here we are talking about Youssef Mirza specifically in the adult category.”

Today, the Asian Championship begins in Tajikistan, with the participation of the national team in the categories of adults, under 23, and women and young women, with a number of 15 cyclists, other than the cyclists of people of determination, and the UAE aims to achieve advanced positions, to gain more points to qualify for the World Cycling Championship in Australia in Next August, through the three nearest riders: Youssef Mirza, Muhammad Al-Mutaiwee, and Safia Al-Sayegh.

Regarding the new Emirati classification at the level of Asia, the technical director of the Cycling Federation, Vatcheh Zadorian, said: “All races were registered in the International Cycling Union, which gave the UAE the sixth Asian position for the 2022 season, after the 11th was the 2021 season, and if the Emirati bikes maintained this position until Next August, she will have the right to participate in the world championship scheduled in Australia, and hope is also present for Youssef Mirza, who occupies 16th place in Asia, and his presence among the top 10 owners in the Asian Championship increases the UAE points, and his personal points to reach the world championship.

He added, "The opportunity is more available for the under-23 team, as the UAE occupies second place over Asia, which means an ideal opportunity to reach the World Championship, provided that the UAE maintains its points and ranking, especially the cyclist, the Arab champion in the anti-clock and singles, Ahmed Al-Mutaiwee, who He is participating in the Asian Championship with the hope of maintaining the classification and gaining more points.”

He concluded: “There was no classification for the women’s team before, and the women’s situation is different, as it is treated globally and not on the continent level, and the female team is ranked 32 in the world among 190 countries, and certainly it is also close to climbing through points and classification, with the presence of a champion UAE Safia Al Sayegh in the Asian races, and Emirati bikes may give new points.”


• "If the Emirati bikes maintain their sixth position until next August, they will be entitled to participate in the world championship."

The date of the cycling stars' races in the Asian Championship

Yusuf Mirza

March 27: Singles against the clock.

March 29: general singles.

Mohammed Al Mutaiwee

March 26: Singles against the clock.

March 28: general singles.

Safiya Al Sayegh

March 27: Singles against the clock.

March 29: general singles.

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