According to a media report, national soccer player Joshua Kimmich is said to have been vaccinated against the corona virus.

The "Bild" newspaper reported that the 27-year-old midfielder from FC Bayern Munich had to show proof of 2G at a team evening on March 2nd.

His management initially did not respond to a request.

When asked by dpa, the club said: "That's a private matter." The Munich team pointed out that they had never commented on the vaccination status of individual players during the pandemic and would continue to do so.

Because he initially publicly expressed doubts about the corona vaccination, Kimmich was at the center of a fierce social debate for a long time.

He had tested positive for the corona virus last November, so his recovered status expired in early March.

In mid-December he announced that he wanted to be vaccinated.

“It was just difficult for me to deal with my fears and concerns.

That's why I was undecided for so long," Kimmich said about the vaccination a good three months ago.

At the time, however, he also said that he had found the heated debate about his vaccination concerns “completely exaggerated and sometimes even dangerous”.

"There were simply overstepped limits."

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann then welcomed the fact that the player had made his rethinking public after weeks of silence.

"Basically, I think it's good that he spoke up, that he talked a bit about his feelings and thoughts," said the coach.

Kimmich will not be there for the upcoming international matches of the German national team.

According to the German Football Association, Kimmich and his partner are expecting their third child together these days.