In the third game on the fourth day of the Senbatsu High School Baseball Tournament, Ogaki Nihon University High School in Gifu won the second round by winning 6 to 1 against Tadami High School in Fukushima, who participated in Koshien for the first time through spring and summer in the 21st century.

Ogaki Nihon University scored two goals twice, with Keizo Sakaguchi's grandson No. 7 and Shin Takahashi's timely hit, scoring effectively even after the middle stage.

After throwing, pitcher Goto Mikishi of Ace took 18 strikeouts from Tadami batting line by pitching skillfully and pitched completely, and Ogaki Nihon University won 6 to 1 and advanced to the second round.

On the other hand, Tadami, who challenged his first Koshien, showed a tenacious fight such as scoring a goal with a timely hit of No. 5 and Yuto Yamauchi in the 4th inning to chase 2 points, but it did not reach.

Due to bad weather, the start time of the first game will be delayed by about three and a half hours, and the second game was also involved in overtime, so it is the latest record since the 50th tournament in Senbatsu at 6:26 pm The match started at 8:19 pm, the latest time ever.

Ogaki Nihon University High School Goto pitcher "I was able to throw with good control"

Pitcher Mikishi Goshima, the ace of Ogaki Nihon University High School in Gifu, said about the pitching that he took 18 strikeouts and made a complete game. However, I'm glad that I was able to pitch well at Koshien. The members were so excited that I was able to throw as much as I could while having fun. "

Regarding the next match, Seiryo High School in Ishikawa, he said, "Because we are a strong team, we would like to play baseball in our own way by making good use of changing balls such as curves and change-ups."

Ogaki Nihon University High School Director Sakaguchi "Children have been filial"

Keizo Sakaguchi, the victorious director of Ogaki Nihon University High School, said about the pitcher Goto Mikishi, who pitched well, "Today I was weak in my shoulders and used my arms softly."

He then said, "He often shook the bat for the first match."

He also said that he was the first director to win the three eras of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa at Koshien in the spring and summer. rice field.

Tadami High School Yamauchi "I found a problem for summer"

Yuto Yamauchi of Tadami High School in Fukushima commented on the team's first hit in Koshien, "I'm glad I was able to stand in the at-bat and make a powerful swing. I knew I could grow and I was able to find a challenge for the summer. "

He also said that many people from his hometown, Tadami-cho, were rushing to cheer him on, saying, "I was able to express my gratitude because the whole team was able to play with a smile."

Tadami High School Director Hasegawa "Good luck"

Kiyoyuki Hasegawa, the defeated director of Tadami High School in Fukushima, said, "It was tough because I hadn't been able to practice hitting a 130-kilometer ball in a real-life format until I came to Koshien. I thought that was the key. Starting pitcher Yuki Sakai did his best. "

On top of that, he said, "It was a valuable experience for the players once in a lifetime and I think it was a good asset. I hope that the efforts of the players will be a good stimulus for the Aizu area." I was talking.

Nearly 10% of the population from Tadami Town supports

At the Tadami High School Alps seats, the local Tadami-cho people who rushed to cheer at the end of the lead spread continued to send ale.

Even in the scene where 2 points were added 9 times and the difference was 5 points, a big applause was sent every time the pitcher took one strike, and when he took a three-out, he heard a voice expecting a counterattack, "From here, from here". It was done.

After losing the game, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, the OB chairman of the baseball club, said with tears, "I was shown the players' growth.

Approximately 350 people, nearly 10% of the population, rushed to the Alps seats of Tadami High School in Fukushima, which was the first to participate in Koshien through spring and summer in the 21st century.

Of these, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, the OB chairman of the baseball club, has been eye-catching since the players thanked the Alps seats before the match.

Mr. Suzuki said, "It's like a dream to be here with excitement and excitement. I want the children to do their best, and I want them to come back one or two times larger by going to Koshien." I was there.

The people who gathered for cheering applauded the players for each play, and in the 4th inning, when No. 5 Yuto Yamauchi hit the team's first hit in a timely manner, it was a big excitement.

Masayoshi Sakai's grandfather, who stepped on the home that was the first goal for Koshien, smiled, "It's like a dream to get one point at Koshien. I don't have time to cry."