The Sumo Spring Basho will be on the 10th day, and the 1-defeated Shin-Ozeki Mitakeumi will face Hokutofuji, who lost the previous place.

In the spring place, after the 9th day, Takayasu of the flat curtain is the only one to win, and with one loss, Mitakeumi Ozeki, Wakatakakage Sekiwake and Kotonowaka of the flat curtain will follow.

On the 22nd of the 10th day, Mitakeumi will play against Hokutofuji, the introductory flat curtain of the same grade.

The match record is almost equal to Mitakeumi's 12 wins and 11 losses, and in the match at the previous location, Mitakeumi was defeated by the harsh attack that came forward with the head of Hokutofuji, and the 9 consecutive wins from the first day were stopped. I did.

At Mitakeumi, the point is to be able to stand up and take the initiative in order to demonstrate the unique sumo wrestling that comes out sharply.

Hokutofuji, on the other hand, is a low-pitched, head-to-head approach that I would like to bring to the development of pushing Mitakeumi.

For the first time in this place, Takayasu will play against a sumo wrestler with three or more roles, and will meet with Komusubi Hoshoryu.

In past matches, Takayasu has not lost three games.

Wakatakakage with 1 loss is the first to meet Abi in the same Sekiwake, and Kotonowaka with 1 loss is the best with Daieishō in the flat curtain.